NYC Meetup on Airbnb Regulations with Attorney Michael Cassidy

We’ve hosted several Airbnb Meetups the past year and a half and it just crossed my mind that many of the members of this forum, who live in the NYC area, may be interested in attending. The Meetup is free and we have a great group of hosts who regularly attends. You can find the details below:

Recent regulation in NYC is a major concern for many hosts. This Meetup will give hosts insight into:

• The legality of renting out a room vs a full apartment
• How many people you can legally host
• The difference in laws for single and two-family homes vs apartment buildings
• Tips to make sure you comply with NYC regulations and avoid fines

Our speaker is Michael G. Cassidy, a real estate attorney licensed in New York and New Jersey, handling real estate closings, commercial leases, and dealing with issues relevant to Condominiums and Cooperative buildings and individual owners or shareholders. Michael has experience working in a law firm, as in-house counsel, and now as a solo practicer. In addition to his legal career, Michael is also a real estate investor and landlord.

When: Wednesday November 15th at 6:30 pm
Where: Opera America Center- McKay Studio- 330 7th Ave New York, NY
RSVP on Meetup- the group is called “NYC Airbnb Hosts”

Thank you to Slice and Remote Lock for sponsoring this Meetup to help cover the cost of the space


Who is ‘we’ ?..

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@Helsi Myself and the other hosts, who help put together this Meetup.

Hope to see some NYC Hosts next Wednesday at the Meetup! We will have a QA after the presentation, so feel free to come with questions.

We are NYC hosts and this meetup sounds great. Do you ever do any on weekends?

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@Maggieroni Generally only on weekdays after work, as that is when we have found most people are available. We do one event every 2-3 months.

Looking forward to seeing some NYC area hosts tonight!

Wish i could be there. Maybe next time

Hi Mike.
is there a website that can show the latest NY policy on short term rent / hosting?
I’m thinking of buying a condo/co-op in the area and renting out the unit when I’m not living there. wondering if there’s an ideal spot I should be targetting.


This thread is 5 years old so any information would be outdated.

Here is a website that has info on current policies:

That’s illegal in NYC