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NYC Hotel Amenities


I have seen it stated in articles, forums, and linked somewhere in the airbnb to the New York City tax laws section that you would only need to pay the NY hotel taxes on your listing if you offered “hotel like amenities.” What are these amenities? I have purchased travel shampoos, soap and toothbrushes which I provide to my guests- but my apartment has a shared bathroom, and kitchen- no pool or exercise room!

I want to be sure that I am within the law with all the fuss that’s going on with air in nyc. It’s not worth it to me to get fined or pay back taxes for something I do for some extra money- though be it substantial- to help me pay off my loans and debt. I would not want to be in greater debt or any sort of legal trouble for this.

Can any of you more experienced New York hosts explain and share what you know about these tax laws. I have been trying to read from the chapters as linked from the air and city website, but I find it confusing. Please help if you can.


I was reaching out to the experienced and knowledgeable hosts of New York who actively use this forum (of which there are many.) I was more interested in talking to fellow hosts rather than The City for the moment.


Go down to your local tax office and ask what you should do. Here in Hawaii we have to spend $5 on a TAT and an excise license and collect 4.167% on excise and 9.25 TAT. It’s much better to find out, do it right and collect and send it in, rather than just leave it to chance.


Thanks Kona! I’m hiring an accountant with airbnb experience for tax purposes. I was mostly interested in hearing from New York hosts who had experience as to whether their listings or any included ‘hotel amenities.’ @Evelyn do you have any knowledge about that amenities definition?


thank you for the suggestion about contacting the city.

I made sure that I had permission from my land lord for my share, as well as my neighbors. I am following all the laws in the city. As I mentioned before I will pay all my proper city, state and federal taxes as needed and am seeking a professional to help with that. If my listing ever becomes a question I will no longer operate it.

I was surprised by the rapid response in suggesting to not seek this advice on this forum. I have seen other post threads along this line about California, Spain, Seattle, as well as other specific regions. I like hearing from those who have experienced things directly with the law (such as fines or forms they have filed themselves or fees they have paid)- not just trying to avoid it.

I appreciated Kona’s advice. was hoping to start a thread along those lines, but specific to NYC.


once again, thanks for the mention, your advice from your brother in law aside, I am trying to start a topic for hosts who have experience with the particular law. but thanks again for trying to steer me doctor robert.

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