Now you can blacklist guest that you do not want to book again!

If you give your guest 3 star or less, he will not be able to book with you again.

Yep. Airbnb sent an email out to all hosts with this info yesterday.

I don’t think it will make much difference as many hosts, particularly those new to Airbnb won’t put a low rating even if they give a bad review as guest ratings don’t show up on guest profiles and therefore don’t have much credibility. Why ask to rate a guest and then not show information publicly.

Also I have guests I wouldn’t want to host again, not because they are bad, but because they spent too much time hanging out at my place - sometimes literally 24/7 at weekends, giving me no space.


Hi Helsi, i guess they will now to avoid the same bad experience.

I’m not sure they will. So many times on forums I hear hosts say. I didn’t give them a bad review because I didn’t know what to say or I was worried I would get a bad one back, because they don’t understand how the review system works.

If they could see guest’s ratings on their profile like they can see us (I think they did this for a while) it would encourage more hosts to use the review system.

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No, the guest will not be able to INSTANT book you again.
He can still send you a booking request, but you will have to approve it.


some times one guest can be a bad match to one host but good match to other. If guest had public stars like we do, i think many of them if having a bad experience with host and then getting low star review would not use Airbnb again. There is a reason why Airbnb choose not to give public rating of the guest, but at least now we have use for the star rating ;0


Thank you Chris, good to know :slight_smile:

You could equally say that about hosts @jayjay. They may not have done anything wrong just a mismatch with guest expectations.

And some guests can leave malicious/untrue reviews because they didn’t read a listing properly and say thought they were having a whole house rather than shared space or unrealistic expectations. I got given three stars for accuracy once because the guest said the guest bedroom looked much better in real life than it did in the photos :frowning:

I never got that email. Oddly I don’t get many returning guests, even though they all say they are coming back.

I have guests here now for a 12 day stay… stupid decision on my part to host them!
They are on holiday from Australia to the UK but are in most of the day/evening!! They are driving me nuts.
Washing machine is on constantly and they are miffed I won’t allow cooking in my kitchen.
I do wish people would read the descriptions!
I feel like I’m a lodger in my own home while they seem to have settled in far too well for my liking.
I don’t want to give them a BAD review as they’re probably nice people really but I do NOT want them here again.:-1:

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Ugh. This sounds like a countdown situation. I recently had a ten- day countdown and it was the longest ten days of my life. It was really nine, but it seemed like 90.

Contemplating the review I will write. They were not very good guests. Not horrible but were super irritating the entire time they were here.

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I don’t advertise my washing machine as a resource but am likely to offer long term guests one weekly wash.

Why are you letting them use the washing machine constantly? It’s your home set boundaries for how many washes they can do.

If you are accepting long term stays I would tend to at least let them make tea/coffee and have some storage in the fridge/cupboards.

I understand only too well how frustrating it is to have guests that seem to be glued to your home once they arrive so you have my sympathies :slight_smile:

I totally agree with you Helsi, that is why i am so happy that we now have a option to avoid instant booking from that guest again. I have a guest who totally love my place but only give 4 star every time. For him its only 5 star hotel who get 5 star and there is nothing i can do to change his mind. I also had a few 3 star review where the guest thought the house rules did not apply to them. But all in all i have been lucky keeping my superhost status and getting closer to 500 reviews.

I also offer washing machine but for a price, so they have to pay for the use. I had a couple of time when they come in to the kitchen and ask if they can use it. I just reply that you booked a room without use of kitchen and that is what i advertised. I never got any problem with this in reviews, like they do understand as long as you say it in a nice way. For washing machine just put a sign with a price pr. machine wash and they will use it less.