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Now the search results are highlighting properties with "Free Cancellation"


Free cancellation is RIGHT NEXT to the price. It is almost like they are ENCOURAGING people to cancel. At least they restored the “title” of the property, but still.


That’s messed up! It’s becoming harder and harder. They really want us to commit to guests 100% but not making it a mutual deal?!

What a joke!


Totally. Honestly, I hate them a little more every day. I really do.


By the way, I am on moderate cancellation just on principle. I refuse.


I hear you! No way I’m going Free!


Does anyone know if guests can make a reservation for multiple listings for the same date?


I noticed this tonight on an incognito visit on Chrome, but when I went back to my listings as me, it still had my moderate policy. Himself says this is moderate ,but with a cooling off period of 48hrs. Not for tomorrow obviously!

Sometimes I feel he and I are on different wave lengths… Does anyone else understand what he’s saying???


Does the free cancellation highlight include : strict cancelation with the 48 hour grace period?


Are the messing about again.
I have one listing on strict with 48hr grace period switched on, my listing does not mention free cancellation, even the policy on the listing has no mention of the grace period.
The other listing is on moderate and says free cancellation, but it has no free cancellation.


I am assuming that the FREE CANCELLATION label is being applied only to properties with Flexible. Not Moderate or Strict.


I’ve clicked on 8 listings near me and all are on moderate policy with free cancellation


We’re moderate and have the free cancellation next to our nightly rate. I noticed this quite awhile ago, so I wonder if we were part of a testing area.


it would seem that they are. I felt like calling but was thwarted.


not that I can see. as incognito; it simply said Free Cancellation!


I changed to moderate from flexible about one month ago. It’s nonsensical.


I’m on a strict policy, but if a booking is over 2 weeks away they can cancel for free within 48 hours of making the booking. It shows free cancellation on mine too.


I can see it now - that will be a problem. We all know guests don’t read. So someone will book a strict-cancellation policy with the “Free Cancellation” banner, and not realize that “Free” is only good for 48 hours. Then they’ll call Air and whine, and some inexperienced CS person will feel bad for them and give them a full refund.


Ill be sticking with strict cancellation until it get abolished. I’m on booking .com so happy to accept the high cancellation rate there but so nice having the peace of mind of a confirmed booking in ABB.
BDC is so funny people must just book for fun then realise actually nah … most of my BDC cancellations happen within the first hour.
On ABB I have the grace period turn on but so far no grace period cancellations. Hope it stays that way. fingers crossed


Hail to the NO! My cancellations are strict. I’m running a business, not a church. Now, with that said, the free cancellation is refundable to a certain amount of time. It depends on their cancellation policy.
I would not bite for that feature. If your listing is on a high demand area, it looks nice and is priced accordingly, don’t lower your standards.


They changed the requirements for Business Travel ready which caused us to switch to Moderate (we used to be Strict). For one of our properties, we had to do this because of the type of guest we receive ie: primarily business. We wanted the Business ready badge, what can I say.

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