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Now seeing airbnb from the guest side

I went ahead and called Airbnb… cuz I’m spending way too much time worrying about all of this and the last straw was her coming into my room unannounced.


Sorry but LOL. Where did those good reviews come from. Let us know what Airbnb does.

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Have you asked them to re-house you? What did they say? If they raise the issue that you’ve been there for a week already, you could say that her coming into your space unannounced is the last straw; you’ve done your best because of having your pets with you and how difficult it’s been to find somewhere, but you’re now really stressed out etc etc.

They should get their teeth into this when they see your photos; they are just too gross for words.

Good luck!

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Sadly that toilet looks like where I’m staying now. My daughter’s home. She’s a disgusting housekeeper and in the past i used to clean everything but no won’t do it. This lady is the same…disgusting.


Wow … on top of everything else? Are you kidding?! If that’s what they do when you are there, imagine how many times your privacy was violated while you were out …

We would call Air immediately, “we are not comfortable here - the host has violated our personal space”. My understanding is Air would be obligated to put you into a “pet friendly” place without extra charges.

Forget what I wrote earlier - this host needs to be gone.


So airbnb sent me 3 options. None that were pet friendly and all with 3.7 or 3.8 cleanliness ratings. There’s really nothing nearby that is available. They would only give me money for a similar amount as the cost of the booking, so that wouldn’t cover a hotel.

They didnt send the suggestions until much later in the day, and I really cant last minute move my pets easily and didnt want to deal with an evening move.

Also I ended up airing my grievances with the host. She cleaned the toilet and surround. I cleaned the shower and tub.

Also since I had her get the vacuum out a week? ago she vacuumed the living room rug in preparation for the next guests…

These guests saw the house from the outside and refused to stay.

Honestly the people that live here are an older couple. They need to come up with a new strategy for their living situation.

I dunno. They’re not mature but I still like them.

One factor is i am easily influenced and i told the girl who was in the other room i was going to have a convo with the host about the cleanliness and she warned me not to.

Which in hind sight I should have just gotten the ball rolling back then and not listened to the other girl.

Also they’re NYC Jews and that’s my families heritage, so I feel some kinship.

I have tonight and two more nights.

I’m going to chat with them tomorrow about what they’re going to do with the fact that they arent keeping up with the cleaning.

Honestly I think they need to downsize… but we’ll see what they come up with?

She went into my room this morning when I took my dog out to potty. She said she was changing out the flowers.

I’m kinda touchy about my stuff. I imagine people reading my journal and sniffing my panties!

Hey, I’m Jewish, too. I honestly don’t see where that has anything to do with the being understanding of people listing a disgustingly filthy place. These people have zero idea what being a host means. They just saw it as a way to make money, but seemingly didn’t think that required any effort on their part other than some fresh flowers. Which is laughable- the epitome of lipstick on a pig.
No way I would have stayed there even one night. Even one hour.


This thread is getting too strange for me. Places that are 3… anything? What? NYC Jews? What?


Alright. Yeah. They’re senile baby boomers. I’m gonna leave.


They’ve had hundreds of bookings over the years. Some people have left or backed out. Many have stayed. I think many people feel the same way I do… backed up against the wall with having pets… or feeling overwhelmed with the idea of finding a new place on the spot… especially when they have an upset cat meowing their head off.

Airbnb is probably aware of the early cancellations from this listing… and they still allow it to exisqt. Additionally I told airbnb the property is being illegally rented but no peep on that from airbnb… will have to pursue.

You’ll remember from when you were a host that when you sign up, it is your responsibility to ensure that you’re legally entitled to host. So although Airbnb should know about the situation, it’s not their responsibility to do anything about this. As far as they know, the fact that it has other reviews that are okay (‘glowing’ you said) could mean that you are simply a malicious guest for whatever reason. (I’m not saying that you are, of course, but the people at Airbnb don’t know this).

So the only people who can close this place down are those in the local authority. These people don’t have the proper permits, probably don’t pay TOT or pay income tax on their earnings. And I think that the chances of them having STR insurance are slim too.

So, because you feel ‘some sort of kinship’ you’ll put up with this? It’s our responsibility as guests and hosts to review accurately despite any perceived ‘kinship’.

Are you staying somewhere very remote? Whenever I’ve stayed in Airbnb rentals I’ve been travelling with a pet but always found decent places for well under $100.

Then they shouldn’t be allowed to live in such squalor either.

It’s certainly a credibilty-stretcher.

Thanks so much for the advice everyone.

Realized I did not trust this situation and that it was impacting my well being.

No other comparably priced and well run airbnb rentals were available, so I booked myself a rather nice hotel room!

Shout out to the Hilton Garden Inns around here!

Will follow up with airbnb to get the listing shut down.

After multiple years of them running the listings this way, I will be the one to get them shut down! Thanks again for all your feedback. It was invaluable.

I’m also documenting this in case anyone else who is in a similar situation finds it and gains valuable information.

It takes a perspective shift to get this all figured out.

I’ve considered reaching out to their children through social media. But I’m not really sure if that’s overstepping.

What do you mean, jaquo?

Thanks for this advice. I’m mostly finding places around $100/night now. Which is pretty comparable to a hotel.

The photographs you uploaded are absolutely gross. It stretches my credibility to think that people would live like that.


Seems to be fairly common.

Are you having a laugh @searchedtobelost? In what world would that even come close to being an appropriate action?

This is a host/guest relationship and nothing to do with a host’s children…that just sounds, I am sorry to say rather intrusive. How would you have felt as a host if a guest had?done a similar thing to you,

You chose to stay there knowing the conditions for a week. I am glad you have taken action to move somewhere comfortable.

Just leave an honest review. Wanting to shut them down sounds rather vindictive…


@searchedtobelost Yes,wanting to get them shut down seems a bit too far to me, as well. And rather odd to go from saying you feel a kinship with them to wanting to get them shut down. Just write an honest review with appropriate star ratings and be done with it.

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