Notifications not working

To my horror - I just discovered a load of enquiries and important messages from yesterday that have gone completely missed because the app notification function seems to be down. Normally I get alerts that appear on my phone as banners even when it is locked by that seems to be down now. Is anyone else experiencing this??

This is not a direct answer to the question, but have you not set SMS notifications to come to your phone (not connected to the app and doesn’t need Internet)?

If you set this, it should mitigate such a risk. I don’t rely on the app for notifications. Never have.

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This is only loosely related, and maybe I should create a separate thread, but for awhile now, I’ve not been getting SMS notifications. And the Airbnb app notification also isn’t working, though it’s never been very reliable. That chiming thing. Maybe that’s what @Kittyp is talking about? Fortunately email is still working, otherwise I woudn’t get any notifications at all. Are others seeing this? Should I tell Airbnb about it?

Surprised you still haven’t! Do you know any other host in your geography who gets this, is it even supported there currently?

Hi @Astaire,

I just sent them a message on Twitter. I didn’t before due to apathy, I suppose.

I’m not in touch with any other Indian hosts, if that is what you are asking. And if there are other active Indian hosts on this site, they’re staying very quiet.



“…due to apathy, I suppose.” :smile:


Thanks for the replies folks - Astaire, that’s a good idea… guess I’ll have to log into the desktop to do that (my pet peeve :wink: ).

Faheem, interesting to note you experienced similar- how long have you not been receiving app notifications, if I may ask? Thanks for reporting the problem - there seems to be many glitches of late and multiple reports are apparently the only way to get them seen to.

This has happened to me a few times, as well. Fortunately, now, I’ve got my settings arranged so that I receive notifications on my cell via Airbnb SMS and email, so if the SMS doesn’t work, I generally do end up getting the email notification - except once or twice in 3 years. I just do a quick daily check onto the Airbnb site from my laptop to make sure…

The app notifications have always been erratic. Sometimes they happen, sometimes they don’t. And I have two functional phones here, both Android. And sometimes one chimes and the other doesn’t. Recently both of them haven’t been. And I’m not sure how long it’s been.

The SMS thing is more definite. It looks Sep 4th was the last time I got a text message. And before that August 17th. And I was certainly getting (sporadic) messages from Airbnb guests between August 17th and September 4th, which should have appeared as text messages, but didn’t.

I exhanged emails with the Airbnb idiots. The guy I was talking to seems certifiable. He asked me what kind of phone I had. I replied Android, and gave him the model name and an Amazon link. He came back, said he didn’t quite understand, and asked me if it was iOS. I’m not kidding. I swear, I don’t know where they find these people. Maybe I should apply for a job. “Hey look, I have one brain cell functioning! Hire me!”

Oh, and if you want the person you are addressing to be notified, you need to do @Faheem.

What?..You have one brain cell functioning?!!
Sorry, you’re over-qualified.


Thanks @Kittyp

I find this attitude (not just you, anyone in general) a bit strange.
The desktop/laptop (keyboard/mouse) interface for Airbnb is still far superior to the tablet/mobile (swipe/tap) interface.
This is partly because, the mobile app field is fragmented (Android, iOS, Windows…) whereas there’s only one app to build for the web.

While it’s convenient to use the mobile app, especially when on the move, by relying exclusively on it, we are depriving ourselves of some features the web version gives us that the mobile apps lack.