Noticed changes to search listing display

I haven’t snooped my competitors’ listings in a few months. Today I noticed a couple a changes on the website (I did not check if the app displays the same)

  1. Total rental cost at a glance

2 Quick link details for pricing breakdown

  1. Superhost listing only option more visible

It seems every time I access Airbnb something has changed and I no longer know how to navigate the system. I’m a little frustrated with the constant change…but these I like.


Yeah, it’s changing more than once a day right now. They are playing with a few different versions it seems. At least a couple of them greatly resemble the Plus listing format.

The one thing that bugs me about all of them is that the force of choosing guest number after choosing dates seems to be gone. e.g. for a while you had to choose your guests before the search would go through. I hope they integrate that with whatever version they steady with for a while.

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Wednesday I received a reservation request for a condo with a maximum guest number of 2. Potential guest had many questions so I invested a significant amount of time. Then it occurred to me, she referred to “we”. Her request was for 1.

She informed me there would be 4 guests. No No No No. it was a waste of her time & mine.


I spent a long time in IT. This is probably either “A-B testing” or “multi-variate testing”.

They use a combination of several types of sophisticated analytics and software to track behavior: hovers, clicks, paths, struggles, searches, help, etc.

Tests that result in higher engagement and more bookings get adopted. They are always chasing small enhancements that results in incremental improvements. Even tiny gains can = millions of dollars.


@Annet3176 I noticed Theis too and that the total does not include taxes and fees so is really not the total…but a second subtotal.

Valid point. It does not include the 11% tax charge. I don’t have any cleaning or other fees.

Now I’ll going to snoop in neighbors’ listings who have fees just because I like to keep tabs on how other listings display

Cleaning fees (and presumably all other host induced fees like linens or whatever) are shown. I was talking about the line that says “Occupancy taxes and fees” that usually shows up below Airbnb’s Service fees.

Yes, I also noticed that the taxes were missing. I actually like it! In my city, the taxes are the same percentage as the hotels. Hotels also don’t include the taxes in their advertised rate on search engines, etc. I kind of think that it levels the playing field. As a guest, I would like this so that I can compare apples to apples.

I understand that’s how hotels do it and I don’t like it there either…Lola total should be just that! :wink:

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