Not what I expected

Guests booked two days ago for the weekend. Arrived at 9 pm, let themselves in. I sent a welcome message this am. Then an hour later, I see them packing the car. They tell me it’s all very lovely, but it wasn’t what they expected. I do wonder at the reading level and basic IQ of folks out there. Despite pictures that don’t show a isolated, cozy cabin in the woods, they booked. She is trying to recreate the experience of childhood cottage.
They were very pleasant, and acknowledged that they didn’t read the description. I don’t feel at all bad about declining to refund their second night. Advised them if they found themselves in need of a bed tonight, they were welcome to return. They plan on driving around to find the dream cabin. It’s lovely and quiet here, lots of places to go wander in the woods. They could have sat by the fire-pit and played the guitar. Too bad they are going to waste the day hoping a cabin will just jump in front of them as they drive about.

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If your description and pictures are accurate, then I wouldn’t loose any sleep over it. It really is the guests fault if they don’t read the listing info.

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I had a FlipKey guest arrive, check in and then the next day come come up and say he felt ripped off. This?? This isn’t what I expected. Stood on my lanai with its million dollar view and said he was disappointed. That this wasn’t his idea of Hawaii and not what he expected. I guess he expected to be held captive at some mega resort with $19 Mai Tai’s, a beach with imported sand, 20 million kids in a swimming pool, a sad Atlantic bottle nose dolphin lagoon and a gondola. That was his idea of Hawaii.


Sounds like a guest I had that expected 5-star, Aspen or Vail, luxury resort treatment. Sorry, not for $150… lol


Oh and my unhappy guest tried to call FlipKey for a refund (they said no) and I could hear him calling around to other places. Finally they came up to tell me they were leaving. Walked off with two weeks remaining and I got to keep it all. Good riddance!!!


You mean Waikola Village!! :joy:


Hilton Waikoloa-- a Hemmeter Resort. Disneyland in Hawaii. But that is what some people want.

That tram still haunts me… I had to stay there bc of a corp rate when I was working in Kona. I wanted to kill myself nightly while waiting for the tram/boat.