Not sure if guest is canceling or checking in

A few weeks ago, someone in our neighborhood booked our place for their visiting parents. Yes, I know that’s verboten, but it’s been a dead winter and we also have alternate STR insurance.

Anyway, she texted me outside of Air, 3 days before arrival, saying that now another family member is coming too and what’s our cancellation policy because they need a 2 bedroom (and our place is a studio). I replied to her through Air and told her our policy is moderate. I said if they cancelled, I would be glad to give her an offset refund if we rebook. I thought that would be “neighborly.” However, I haven’t heard back from her and don’t know if the parents will be checking in on Monday. And I usually send check in information the day before (tomorrow).

If I don’t hear back from her, or even if she doesn’t cancel, I need to send check in info. Otherwise, she could say they couldn’t check in and request a refund. I’m concerned that she won’t cancel and will choose to write a negative review; I think I would be able to appeal to Air to have a negative review removed.

Any other issues I’m not thinking of?

She was probably contacting you to get all the information so she could discuss/decide with her family. Considering you haven’t had a cancellation come through, she might have found another place for the other family members, and therefore, will need your place along with the other place.

I’d send her the check-in information on the basis that she hasn’t cancelled and the booking is still valid.

Also, don’t worry about a negative review until it happens.


Personally I would chase this up. She may just be blocking your calendar until the last possible minute.

Do you have your check-in info in your House Manual? If so, guest would have it as soon as she booked.

Is it self check in or are you there to welcome guests?

I will proceed as normal.

The mistake wasn’t booking someone from the neighborhood; it was communicating – at all – with them outside the Air system, except to say “contact me officially through AirBnb”.

Oh yes… You should have proceeded normally with the checkin info. Not being able to access the place is grounds for a total refund.

If you reread my post, she contacted me outside Air but “I replied to her through Air” and reiterated her text to me.


I will proceed normally with check in info. I would normally do that the day before which is today.

It’s self check in. I’ll provide the check in info today regardless whether I hear back from the guest. I think that’s good advice from all considering that not providing check in info would be grounds for a refund.

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