Not Liking Website Changes

Having some major trauma over the website changes and inability to find things, like this forum. Also when the App went live, I was not informed for over a week that we I could no longer reply to text messages. This created a horrible situation for myself and a guest. I really wish we’d get some warning about changes that create potential problems, or have Airbnb do more testing before launch. Besides, the App did not work at all and I can not always reply via the website from my phone.

This forum is not affiliated with AirBNB at all. You shouldn’t be able to find it via the AirBNB app or platform.


We have nothing to do with changes made by AirBnb (except complain about them fruitlessly).

This forum is privately funded and is meant for hosts on all platforms to support each other, not just Airbnb. As others have mentioned we are not affiliated with them so your complaint needs to be directed to the actual company.