Not crazy about this forum software

I just got to say it, this forum software seems sub-standard to me. I click on a thread and it drops me somewhere in the middle or ending of the thread. The threads are hard to follow the way they are displayed with comments interspersed and sometimes repeated further down. I’m on various forums on the Net and this one is def. not my favorite for form. The people and content are quality, but… Most forums have categories, not just a long random list of threads thrown together. Am I tripping or does anyone else feel this way as well?


No doubt you have a suggestion?

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I mean, you could upgrade the forum software. Not sure how hard that would be. So far it seems like not an issue for most, so it’s probably first world problems.

So as a mere mod, how would I do that exactly?

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I’ll look into it and see if it’s a huge deal.

@KirkD Yes, if you click on an established thread, rather than a new one, it will drop you in the middle of the thread where the latest responses start. That could be annoying if it’s a really long thread and you want to start at the beginning, as you have to keep scrolling up. It doesn’t bother me, because I usually check in here daily, so I’ve already read through threads I’m interested in, I would only want to see the new responses.

As for posts being a response to something someone else said further upthread so you have no idea who or what they’re responding to, yeah, that can be confusing. Which is why posters should use the quote function if they are responding to something specific someone wrote. But I know there are other forums where if you click the respond button on a comment, (as opposed to the general Reply button at the end of a thread), the responses to that particular post appear directly below it, not at the end of the thread.

I actually find this forum pretty easy to use. One thing I like is being able to go back and edit something I wrote, even days later, if I see I made a spelling error, because I hate typos. On some forums, the edit function times out pretty quickly.


Yeah I get it, most people who frequent this board are used to how things work. I’m not trying to make waves but just pointing out that there is better software out there for forums. It may be more trouble than it’s worth to switch over anyway. The forums here are fine as is, could be a bit cleaner form-wise but no big whoop. :vulcan_salute:

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there’s nothing to look into. Only the site owners are admin and can make changes. We mods cannot.

Yes, I realize that. I know people who are site admins and have upgraded their forums, so was just suggesting that I could see how much of a hassle it is and pick their brain and pass along the info.