Check in closes at 11 pm tonight - it’s 10-40 pm now - what happens if he does not show up by 11 pm. I have a no cancellation refund policy so assume i still get paid ?. He has booked just one night and not responded to my request 3 days ago about what time he was arriving. I also sent a reminder at 10 pm tonight saying he needed to be here by 11 pm. He has not provided a phone number.

Your thoughts please …

Call Airbnb and advise as a no show so you are ahead of the mark.
I find it strange that there isno phone number, the CSR may be able to call them.
I have never had a booking with out a number, a wrong number occasionally, but always a number
Good luck!


If I saw that there was no phone number listed for a guest when they booked, I would ask them for their number, and if they were a non-responder, ask Airbnb for it.
I thought guests had to provide a phone number on their profile.

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It’s gone past 11 pm and no contact from client. Debthecat you were right - on double checking there was a number but it is a Russian mobile number. He appears to be a Russian living in London according to Linkedin.

AIRBNB number 20 3318 1111 is “busy please try again later” at 11-20 pm but will send them a message to cover myself. Will update whether i get paid in due course

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Perhaps his flight is delayed and he’s unable to check for messages on his cellphone.


Do you have Whatsapp? If not, you should put it on your phone. It’s really useful as a host when a guest has a foreign number if they also have Whatsapp. Free long distance to anywhere- can message, or voice call or video call.

In some parts of the world, everyone uses that rather than paying for phone plans.

I’ve also gotten in the habit of asking guests to check if the phone number on their Airbnb account is their current number, as many guests get a new number but fail to update their profile info.


Weird. Let ABB handle it and collect your money.

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So to conclude this post I got paid by AIRBNB as they advised he had not cancelled. I have a “strict” cancellation policy. No response from the guest at all - i assume he realised he had to pay and just did not bother telling me he was not coming. Air have sent a review request which is odd as he did not stay but maybe 5 for cleanliness, 5 for observing house rules and 1 for communication ?. The first two are based on the fact the room remains ready for the next guest, no rules were broken and the third low score as manners might have meant he would have said he was not coming.

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I would not bother leaving a review for a no show. The reasons you mention for the 5 stars make no sense to me- you can’t rate someone who never showed on their cleanliness or observance of house rules. As for the communication rating, you have no idea why he didn’t show or contact you. Maybe his mom just got diagnosed with terminal cancer, or he himself had a heart attack or a serious car accident. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that it’s just rudeness, but you never know.

If we could just leave a written review without rating, saying “Guest never showed up nor communicated that he wouldn’t” makes sense, but rating a guest who never appeared seems silly.


But you don’t know that the first two are the case so that doesn’t help your fellow hosts at all. I would review him so that others know what happened -“Guest didn’t cancel but didn’t turn up. No communication at all”.

That way, at the very least future hosts could have a conversation with him prior to accepting him. If his explanation to them was a good one then no problem. But you would have at least warned the host.

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Putting myself in the shoes of the guest, if he/she for some reason could not make it: why penalize the person? No damage to the home, no problem with payment. No downside to anyone.

To me, this means certainly no bad review in any form. Personally, I would just not send a review.


Me neither, and in previous situations like this, I haven’t reviewed.


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Point taken and I won’t review thanks everybody for your views


The thing is, I don’t think you can leave a written review without also leaving a rating. You can’t skip the rating, or the review form won’t progress to the next page.

I think you’re right. So I’d add to the review “Therefore, the star ratings I have given are meaningless but required by the Airbnb system”.


If we had the option to just leave a written review, I would never leave star ratings, unless it was a 1* guest I wanted to help make sure never darkened another host’s door.
I dislike the whole ratings game and would rather not participate in it.