Noisy Airb party 3 doors away

Oh joy, the multi bedroom Airbnb listing 3 doors away is having a party. Police car and police van were there at midnight, but had to rush off to something more important.
DJ, he say a-BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, etcs.
I could barely hear Family Guy.


Bahahah. Turn up the Family Guy! :rofl::rofl::clap:

That was one of the things I relished the most after I divorced my husband. No more Family Guy or Trailer Park Boys blaring. Well my son likes Trailer Park Boys but he is required to wear headphones. :joy::grimacing:


Surely that’s a good thing, what a revolting programme that is :slight_smile:

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People like this are ruining Airbnb. This is why cities are cracking down and making new regulations which will negatively affect all hosts.


Agreed…I have very strict rules no events no parties
If there are complaints the guests will be fined etc. No guest not on reservation allowed to spend the night