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No visitor rule


He has now used Roman characters for his name. I think it will stand him in good stead internationally. He also had a photoshopped photo (looking like a painting) so he was looking a bit unidentifiable in his profile.


They spoke enough English that it wasn’t an issue. My boyfriend is the same exact way. He speaks the language fluently but can’t really write it.


Google translate copy and paste, chances are you will not be able to pronounce it though…



Yep, sounds like a pointless faff.


Do you mean it’s a faff to google translate someone’s name? If so, I have to heartily disagree. OK, English is still considered a “universal language” but to presume that everybody should speak it before they travel is ridiculous at best, arrogant at worst.


English is the Lingua Franca now. Who knows in 100 years it might be Mandarin.


Did you ask them to cancel the booking, or did you cancel it or did you just leave the booking as it was? Did you give them any refund?


Absolutely not. I left the booking as it was. They didn’t ask for a refund - they had only a few days of their stay left. Although they were pretty insensitive people (as witnessed by their behaviour) I think they knew that they had done wrong so didn’t pursue any refund.


OK, that makes sense. I just wondered because I recently had to throw out a guest after her very first night of her two week stay. That was a major battle, between me, her and Air about the amount of refund despite her having broken a serious house rule.

I wish I had a special quick-release trap door in the hallway with a moat with alligators underneath, that would solve a lot of problems quickly.


That’s a splendid idea. When prospective hosts post here in the forum about remodeling their property to be suitable for guests, this is what we should suggest as an essential upgrade. :slight_smile:


I’m a live in host and have a strict no visitors rule. People have no discretion and will bring in someone they met in a bar etc. Visitors can easily become “guests” too and turn into one night stands. I make it plain in my reply to booking and check in messages and it is on the electronic key pad too.

So I spell it out: no parties, no visitors, no unregistered guests, no third party bookings, the number of guests must match the booking and the person who made the booking must be in attendance. Redundant, but no gray areas either.

I would always ask the visitor(s) to leave and remind them that they are trespassing. Dealing with the guest is a question of degree. If it was a family member I would be more forgiving and remind them that breaking house rules is cause for eviction. I do that in writing via Airbnb too, so a paper trail is created. It comes up in their review too.

If I came home and found several people in the house, I would get all to leave, notify Airbnb of the incident and ask that the guest be removed. If visitors fail to vacate, it’s time to call the police.


There’s nothing that makes you feel like a stranger in your own home than strangers inviting strangers into it! It’s also a breach of safety and security.
I had a clueless guest who broke my no visitor rule ( which I had reminded her of the day before) by inviting some equally clueless guests to call for her, even though apart from anything else it’s impossible to hear from her room in the loft. The visitors were banging and hammering on my door for ages causing the dog to be upset and bark. I was studiously trying to ignore the interruption and attend to my work, but the disturbance to neighbours etc was so great, I had to go and tell them to get off my door, get off my front path, wait for your friend on the pavement, and call her on the phone which is what you should have done in the first place.
WTF, there’s a cosy pub 1 minutes walk away and a selection of cafes 5 minutes away, no need to darken my door. She’s getting a big fat review when the 14 days is up.

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