No show guests who don’t cancel or ask for refund—a possible explanation

From time to time on here, hosts come on to express concern about guests who never showed up, didn’t communicate that they were not coming, and don’t ask for a refund. Frequently, the host is expressing concerns about what happened and worried something drastic may have happened to the guest.

Here’s a possible explanation for what is going on. It’s never happened to me, and probably never will, because my rentals are entire houses with a two night minimum and on the expensive side for our area. Plus my FIRST rule in my house rules is no mail or package deliveries.

But I can see it happening with hosts who rent rooms in their home for a single night, or any inexpensive entire house listing that rents for a single night.

I recommend watching the entire video. It’s amusing, entertaining, and horrifying in equal measures.


Add this to the reasons for the “no mail or deliverys” rule!


I had a guest book 2 days ago and never showed up. He did not have any reviews. I was suspicious and came to this forum to see if other hosts had this happen to them. I am so sad this scam is happening to people. No packages have showed up so far. I really hope this guest is not a scammer.

If he booked and didn’t show, haven’t you already been paid? If so, how could it be a scam?

I think a lot of us have had guests who book, don’t show, and never cancel or ask for a refund.

People’s lives can be chaotic.


We haven’t, but hey one can live in hope!

Most of our guests are via BDC so as soon as its classified as a no show the dates become immediately bookable.

All the more for JF’s Oloroso fund :rofl: