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No pictures, is no "lives in xxxx" information next?

Funny, I thought I was on an Airbnb forum. It sounds like I’ve strayed onto one for Booking.com :slight_smile:

Seriously though, some good points raised there in some of the replies, I especially like JJD’s informative comment.

I do sense that some of you are itching to throw your stats out there whenever you’re given the chance. I guess I should oblige and ensure that you get the praise that you’re obviously seeking, so here goes … “Wow, you’re so awesome!”.


It’s not our fault our stats are bigger than yours :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s not often I get to throw my stats around!

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This forum is not officially associated with AirBnB.

Would you prefer to get your hosting advice from someone who has six reviews, or 600?



I had happily mentioned before that I was pleasantly surprised to learn I was on tap for SH next year (because my 1 star from someone who never checked in would be more than a year behind me by then)…

I shouldn’t have bothered as I expect I’ll now end up with one from someone who required sheriff supervision to retrieve her belongings from the unit after her premature checkout…well, it was nice to have the short lived pleasant surprise for a little while anyways.


I still want to hear the entire story about this guest…

Give me time…you know I post frequently and you guys are like family I can visit and/or walk away from when life gets that way.


That is definitely me.

I sense that you are eager to make pronouncements about people you don’t know (unless you are someone who has been here awhile and is just using a new forum name. )

The reason I throw my stats around is to lend credibility to my advice. But yeah, the praise from people I respect is great too.


Why do we all end up losing for not having your standards? Sounds kinda egotistical to me but I would be happy for you to enlighten me.

I have basically no standards, on IB and take all comers. A pulse and a credit card is all I need and I check the ID myself. I have never had any damage or had to kick anyone out, some guests are better than others but thats pretty consistent with humans.



Same boat. One star from a guy who cancelled 5 minutes before check in. "don’t I have until 2pm to cancel "

Money over stars any day of the week


Agreed. Just hate that sometimes Air takes some or all the money with it…and with the lower stars we might lose some good business and gain business by guests who follow suit.

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I know some people say don’t respond to reviews but I always do if they leave false or misleading reviews.

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I’m here because “I don’t know what I don’t know”. It would be foolish and arrogant of me to think that I know it all. I would MUCH prefer to glean the lessons from those FAR more experienced than I in STR.

I may not agree or choose to follow every piece of advice. I am VERY pleased to benefit from the experiences and stories of this community. We made several changes in the last several weeks that have demonstrated proven results.

In turn, I hope that I have added some value that benefits others here. Isn’t that what a host community is about?


I bet you he never does. Same with the bright statement that he’s figured out where most of us are from and what age we are.

You can’t expect much from someone who says:



I wish I had done this in the past…

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I assess all advice on its merits. Just because someone has a lot of reviews doesn’t immediately make their ideas better or smarter than those of anybody else.

Sometimes the best and most innovative ideas come from those with the least experience.

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@RiverRockRetreat why do you need a pulse ?? :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Well at least it makes it easier for getting them out when their welcome is worn out…on second thought, some guests would be easier without it, you’re right!


Ok boomer! (and if you aren’t one you sure sound like one!).

If 80% of you who frequently post on here (including those who feel compelled to comment on every thread) aren’t boomers from the US (aka “the new laughing stock of the Western world”) then … I guess I’m wrong and feel free to correct me :slight_smile:

Wrong again dreary Gandalf @airdnd - our Jaq’s is a Brit :smiley::joy::rofl::smile:

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