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No pets, please!


I’m perplexed by guests who book, and then a few days later send a sweet message describing their precious, crated fur baby they want to bring along. My listing clearly states No Pets. We have no pets and want to keep our properties as allergen-free as possible. Not only that, but I don’t want to deal with animal hair, accidents on mattresses and rugs, and scratches on the furniture and floors. Our STR journey has been mostly pleasant in the first 6 months, but needed to vent this latest annoyance.


I feel like that with people who tell me their children are so precious, I should love them enough too, so I should accept them. My listing clearly states no children under 12; it’s not safe for them in my aged house. I don’t also want to deal with nappies and shit, breakages, accidents and so forth. I actually like older kids, to the extent that their parents dislike my ability to engage with them.

I prefer animals.


My whining was about guests who ignore my posted reasons for not allowing pets—allergens. And the same goes for No Children, for heaven’s sake. We have our reasons. Just wish they’d stop. There’re plenty other pet/friendly offerings in our area. Just waiting for this last gal to cancel. She has 2 more days. Our cabin is perfect for and safe for children, including my own 11 little grandchildren. However, my guest quarters is neither large enough nor safe for children of any age.


It’s also possible they are just looking to get out of the booking and that gives them an opening to do so. You might want to start mentioning it in your initial reply to them. I don’t count on the guest reading anything important but I have instant book and allow pets, so not a problem for me.

Write back after they reserve and say something like “thanks for booking with us. We’d like to remind you that we don’t allow pets at our cabin and that the check in window is between 4 and 8 pm,” or whatever. Make it friendly and informative but it tips them off that you aren’t going to be changing your mind about the pets.


I think the one thing that we quickly learn as hosts is that guests don’t read :slight_smile:

But neither sometimes do hosts.


Can you put pet free in your description to attract people with allergies and repel people who want to bring pets e.g. ‘Pet free cabin …’


Remember that Guests DO NOT READ. Even if they do, THEY DON"T CARE – They’re Entitled Just. Because.

Out listing says NO PETS and NO CHILDREN in the first half dozen lines when you open the page. Our place is called Poolside Cabana, and photos show the door 6 ft from the pool’s edge.

We had a couple who inquired and asked if it was OK that they bring their 2 Year Old and an air mattress for it to sleep on, and by the way they’re bringing their 12 lb pocket dog which is really cage trained.

My reply? "What part of NO did you not understand? I will NOT be responsible for fishing your face-down toddler out of the pool and calling an ambulance. Nor will I be responsible for Vet bills when our 25Lb Norwegian Forest Cat finishes greeting your dog.

Funnily enough, they didn’t book with us…


(My explosive laugh just cleared my sinuses!)


You need to call Airbnb and take care of it. Time’s a wasting for you to get a replacement booking.


Oh lawd, read it and believe!!!


Good idea! Those really are my customers.


Cracking! I have been so tempted at times. I had the first ever enquiry through our website on Sunday (I’d forgotten it existed…) for a last minute break from a family with a 3 & 6 year old. Like, that night x 3 days. Clearly they had seen our listing elsewhere, with no kids accepted, so they looked up the house name, found the website and chanced their arm we’d change our minds/would fall over backwards/needed the money etc etc. What gets me is the total disregard for the safety of their children.

Ken, the whole point is, can we have a pic of your cat please? I love Norwegian Forest Cats!


How can you be Allergen Free with ABB’s Assistance Animals policy? Seems contradictory.


Me too, I’ve never seen a pic of one? @KenH


I think there are far less of those than pets and “comfort animals” so it’s easier to clean thoroughly after someone brings their seeing eye dog. At least that’s what I’m going with. The more animals the more hair and dander and the more often you have to clean the carpets.

BTW: My listing says “NO ANIMALS” so I don’t get the argument “It’s not a pet, it’s my comfort animal”.

I don’t think you are going to ever deter all the kooks who can’t function out of the sight of their animals but I think anything you can put in your listing to give them pause (paws?) helps.


Wow. Surely you were just trying to be funny?


A bit but honestly I don’t get having to bring your dog with you everywhere you go. I’m not talking a legitimate service animal that has been trained to assist a human. I referring to the people who think they are entitled to bring their dogs to the grocery store, restaurants, the mall etc. etc. esp. those who go online and get those fake vests and tags and dress their dog up like it’s trained to be a service animal when it clearly is not.

Those people do a big disservice to people who truly need service animals and there have been cases of seeing eye dogs and the like being attacked by those untrained animals. A backlash is beginning, states and businesses are cracking down and it’s a shame. There’s always a few who have to ruin it for everyone else.


I couldn’t agree more.

But there are many people who can’t function out of the sight of their animals who aren’t “kooks” anymore than a diabetic that can’t function without insulin.

I think language is powerful and maybe someday you will too.


Not sure where :rabbit: is but in the US that would get you into serious trouble, also I assume does not list on ABB as that is contrary to the non discrimination policy.


False equivalence.

Diabetes took my father’s life. I know diabetes and what it does to a person. Spending an hour in the grocery store without your dog will not send you into renal failure leading to your death but we’re all free to think and feel how we want.

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