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No option in search for type of housing

DId anyone notice that there is no more option in search for housing option: appartment, house, condo, and so on?

It must be a location thing - it’'s still there for me. Weird!

We have almost the same location, it is weird

Maybe I’m misunderstanding. I mean I can see this:

Of course, those three options never made sense given that there are all of these options that could be selected

Why have a search that doesn’t include all the attributes that a host could have chosen? And for that matter, why can’t we choose more than one of these options? [my little AirBNB Platform rant of the day.]

o no, that’s not what I meant. I meant to indicate if I want a house, apartment or condo. There was this option before but now it’s gone

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Yes I was wondering about it but now there is nothing to choose from at all

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