No one can book my listing

Please Read this and help me if you can


I have been an AIRBNB Host for 6 years with over 300 5 star reviews (FYI - this does not show in this current profile as I was co-hosting on another property)

  3. This has been reported to AIRBNB Support Desk. They say the problem HAS BEEN REPORTED BY OTHER HOSTS ALREADY and have created a ticket for me and sent to the relevant department
  4. They have looked at my listing and told me that EVERYTHING is correct as I have set it up
  5. I have not mistakenly set my listing to ‘Unlisted’ or ‘Snooze’
  6. My listing ID is: (sorry but this blog post will not let me input the full link as I am a new user as of today)
  7. SLASH rooms SLASH 14200475
    BIZARRE - You will actually see the listing as it appears if you do a search on my area / location with filters of Prince Edward County Ontario / Entire / 8 guests / filters of 4 bedrooms and 2 washrooms - try dates of c/in 23 july c/out 30 July (this is how a family friend discovered the defect - the first photo has black border with guests on terrace)
    The system fault then appears when you click on the actual thumbnail to look at the listing
    IF it works I am delighted / If it doesn’t that helps explain why I have stopped getting bookings
  9. I need your help to add some additional evidence to show Airbnb it is not an isolated issue or something we are not doing correctly
    THANK YOU for you HELP! - (I would help you in the same situation!)
    BRIAN SMITH (is that right?) gives me a

This listing is no longer available.


What is the title of your listing, please?

Thanks for helping - YES

NEW - Enjoy County Style + Quality in West Lake
Prince Edward County Ontario Canada

Can you do a search on my area / location with filters of
Prince Edward County Ontario /
Entire /
8 guests /
additional filters of 4 bedrooms and 2 washrooms -
try dates of c/in 23 july c/out 30 July
Title of Listing
NEW - Enjoy County Style + Quality in West Lake
Please try
Clicking on thumbnails…you will scroll through photos
Then click on Listing Title
The defect then happens
Listing then disappears, returns to Airbnb Landing page and the notice
’This listing is no longer available’
Please try and let me know if you get the same result…!
Thanks so much to Everyone! Brian

Yes, I see a listing with 4 people sitting around a table with an umbrella. It’s captioned

Entire home/apt · 6 beds
NEW - Enjoy County Style + Quality in West Lake

I’m seeing it at the top of the third page. Clicking on the thumbnail gives

This listing is no longer available.

Thanks Faheem!

  • Lets watch and see how many others reveal this defect on my listing.
    If you are reading this, I would appreciate you testing this and giving me your comments!

AIRBNB say they have been notified already BY OTHER HOSTS…we will never know how many of us are affected, except if those reading try a similar experiment and report it under this topic…It may explain why their bookings have stopped.

  • Really appreciate your help! Brian

I used your filters and the same happens to me. I am able to click on the arrows to scroll through the pics. But as soon as I click on either the listing title or the middle of the pic, it brings me back to the home page and says the listing is no longer available.

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Thanks Cabinhost
Again, I wish it was not happening. What a nightmare! I am powerless, losing income, and Airbnb wont even email me back to say they are doing anything to help (they claim a ticket has been raised but how do we know?) Thanks again.

Try just putting up a new duplicate listing of the same listing!

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Thanks so much. Good suggestion. Dont know if Airbnb allow that in normal circumstances, I imagine not. Challenge is that when they fix the original one, I will have different activity / results, placement in searches, etc, etc.accumulated from my duplicate in addition to my original one. For instance, I could lose positive reviews forever. Never mind balancing two calendars with complicated pricing upcoming bookings, etc. However I will at least appear in searches and the benefit of income from bookings I will have potentially lost.

Any hosts have any experience in getting Airbnb to transfer data from one listing to another listing of the same property or is it impossible? I imagine Airbnb will tell me its not possible, but wonder if anyone has achieved an exception and got it done?

I too am concerned about this. I have been going back and forth with Air since late October. My listing only shows in certain searches. I should show in all searches (that meet my criteria) due to my city not having that many properties. I finally spoke to them again last night, as the last time I spoke to a rep. it went nowhere…yet again.

I expressed my frustration in how I do not understand why not one rep. at the company has offered to create a new listing for me to at least resolve the issue temporarily. Come on…it’s been over 4 months now!

I don’t even think my photos taken by an Air rep. will transfer. But I do have enough of my own photos to create a new listing. I asked about transferring reviews and the guy said he wouldn’t be able to do that; however, he did not offer to see if someone else in engineering dept. could do it. I did ask to please make a notation in my account that they have given me permission to create another listing. He said he would. I also asked him to please confirm this in writing. He did. I will copy and paste below. But I still worry about being shut down and then Air reps. completely dismissing me and not willing to look into the permission I was given:

"Hello Beth,

Thanks again for speaking with me just now. If you need to, feel free to create a duplicate listing on your Airbnb account while we look into this situation, just be sure that Instant Book is disabled to prevent duplicate bookings. Once you notice inquiries coming back to your original listing, feel free to unlist the other one.

This blog post will help explain how search results are determined:

I’m sorry you’re still having difficulties with your listing. We’ve been investigating the cause of the issue, and we’re working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Thank you so much for your patience and taking the time to alert us to the situation. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Best regards"

And my name isn’t even Beth…

Thanks Cabinhost for this. It is REALLY helpful.
It highlights something that I suspect is more widespread than imagined.
How many other hosts do not even figure out its happening to them…? Surely we cant be the only 2 out of which must 100,000’s…around the world…?
I wonder if there is anything we can do to get this post / your comments noticed by more?
I am new (today) to this blog, so my learning curve is steep.
Are there any other 'tag’s which I can identify because at the moment it only in uncategorised?
Thanks so much for taking the time to be in touch and help! Brian

The crazy thing is…your issue is different than my issue! You show that your listing no longer exists. And I sometimes show in some searches. Others have had issues of not appearing at all in searches. And many of those hosts said their issue got resolved.

I don’t know that I have seen anyone else on these boards report having the same issue as mine. I also don’t recall reading any others having the same issue as you. It’s good the rep. said others have reported this…I guess…

For the last 4 months none of the reps. have said others have reported my issue until I asked last night. And then the rep. said 3 others this week have reported the same issue. However, it could be your issue he is putting in the same category as mine.

It really sucks. I do feel your pain!

I just tested the system and the fault seems to have cleared.
Have not heard anything from anyone at Airbnb.
I will now continue to test regularly to see that it does not return.
If it does, I will post here again.
Best to all, and thanks for all your help.

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