No More Foreigners!

We have been hosting for four and a half years. For the first year about 80% of our guests were foreigners. For the next two years it was about 50%. Last year (2017) it was about 10% and so far this year (we are booked through April) there are no foreign guests at all! Although we are Americans ourselves, and we have nothing against Americans, we really miss the special kind of interaction that we had with guests from other countries. There was a fascinating cultural exchange that we often found quite exhilarating. We think that the current political situation in our country is one of the prime culprits keeping foreigners away. Hopefully this will change in the future.

We’ve not had any ‘far away’ visitors in the last 10-12 months either. A few Canadians coming over the Border is about it. Could be politics, could be Euros think Florida was destroyed by hurricane Irma in September…

I’ve had exactly one from Mexico a couple of years ago, who came because her DD was in a Jr golf Tourney. My next one will be this coming October, coming from France for his son’s wedding nearby.

I have been hosting my whole house i Portland, OR since April of 2017. I find it odd that I have ONLY had Americans and a few Canadian guests. No Europeans at all. I advertise on HomeAway/VRBO as well. I am in a hot restaurant neighborhood with dozens of restaurants within walking distance. My bookings are great but I find it odd that my home attracts mostly people from USA.

I think you’re right. Key word here is “think.” The current regime took over in January. We don’t even have a full year of data available yet. The preliminary evidence is that foreign tourism as well as American standing in the world is down.

Change is inevitable. How soon is yet unknown. I hope your Airbnb business is robust anyway.

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We have discussed this on here a few times before.

There is quite a lot of research carried out by the media and tourism industry that indicates that this is down to the ‘Trump’ affect.

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I have not noticed any difference, have a French couple coming in soon, for some reason I get many Indians not sure why.

I had a lady stay who I think was from Sri Lanka, did not ask.

Europeans more in the Summer.

For some odd reason disproportionately more bookings from females.