No more bookings

I started hosting in December 2019 and had a really good run with bookings. Now that school has gone back I now have zero bookings. I also dropped my price from $170 to $135 per night minimum. Mostly I was achieving $220 per night for each Unit as charge $15 for each additional guest. I have two Units side by side. I’m in Tasmania and the caravan park with cabins seems to be busy.

I’m not sure what else I can do or should I look to other platforms.

I don’t want my units sitting empty. Any ideas would be appreciated. Maybe February is a quiet time?

The boost you received as a new host has now run out and you’re seeing the effect. It’s time to start generating your own leads by networking and using the internet.


Have you done a private search to see where you show up on the pages, or that you actually appear?
What prices are other Similar STR’s showing for in your area?
How saturated is your market?

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Open up an incognito/private browser window and do a search for listings in your area.

How many results are there?
Where does your listing show?
What is the price of other similar listings?
Are the other listings in your area booked?

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The listing come up as 13th and 31st. It says there are 190 listings in Stieglitz Tasmania. I will go through and see what bookings others have. My price is about in the middle.

You will need to do some daily tweaking to move those listings up. Photo moves, description updates, pricing, so the algorithm knows you are a live listing.
If you do nothing, the listing slides down the pages


As others have said, do a search and make sure you are appearing in the results. My listing disappeared until I called ABB. There was some baloney about my not having selected a minimum stay (which I had, two nights) and once they reset, I showed up. I frequently do a blind search for my town to make sure I’m in the results. If ABB cannot get the taxes right, I don’t trust them to get anything right!

I find that if I change the slightest thing on my listing or even turn Instant Book on and off, it seems to push me higher in the listing. You might contact large area businesses or colleges. They often bring candidates in for a day or two for interviews, etc. I’ve gotten some local business through Facebook (not ads, just posting)

Thanks I will try everything mentioned as still no bookings and I don’t understand why. It’s in a rural location but a big tourist area so hopefully it is a matter of getting seen.