No longer 2 party review

I have a question about reviews…

Is there a new process in place, regarding reviews and there now not needing to have both parties review?

I see that now Airbnb posts reviews without both parties reviewing? When did this change?

It use to be both parties had to review or there would not be a review at all. Now, if one party reviews it shows up???

You are mistaken. It has never been the case that both parties had to review in order for the review to be published. I have no idea where anyone gets this notion.

All reviews are published, regardless of whether both review or not. If only one leaves a review, it is published exactly 14 days from the time you received the first notification to leave a review. If both parties leave a review, they are published as soon as they are both submitted.


Muddy- I’m speaking to what I’ve experienced. There were a few times where I have reviewed and the other party did not & the review did not get published. That’s where the “notion” comes from.

Well, that is quite odd, but what I told you has always been the way reviews worked. That has always been clearly stated in the Airbnb information.

Are you sure you didn’t look to see if your review appeared on guest’s profiles before the 14 days was up? Because it wouldn’t show until the 14 day mark if the guest didn’t submit a review.

I said I don’t know where anyone gets this notion, because I have read many posts by hosts who think this, saying if you had a bad guest who you think will leave a bad review, just don’t submit one yourself, and the guest’s review will never appear. Which is totally untrue. A host can’t avoid a bad review by not reviewing the guest.

I have reviewed all of my guests but one over the years, and while the vast majority of my guests have also reviewed, some haven’t. But my review has always appeared after the 14 day window.

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Nope, definitely has happened to me. It was odd, that’s why I was asking about this. It just didn’t show up on either profile, this was 22 days later. :face_with_monocle:

Tech glitches on Airbnb are not unknown :wink:


It’s always been that way. There is some other explanation of your experience that has nothing to do with policy. The policy didn’t change.

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@KVL Airbnb’s review policy hasn’t changed it has always been the same for the seven years I’ve been hosting .

When your review didn’t show up did you not query this with Airbnb?. It would normally only not show up if you’re review broke their T&C for leaving a review.

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Another possibility is that something you wrote in the review did not follow Airbnb review guidelines and the guest requested it to be removed.

IMHO - Airbnb is more likely to remove a host’s review than a guest but I have absolutely no evidence to back up my opinion.

I’ve been a host 8 years and have written over 1000 reviews. All of them posted.

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@KVL are you 100% sure? I’ve written reviews for all my guests since I started using Airbnb eight years ago.

I can’t tell you how many guests (therefore reviews) that is but I have two apartments, do one night stays, I’m fully booked year round and have an average stay length of 3 days so over the years, that’s really added up to a lot of reviews, all of which have posted.

I don’t see why Airbnb would change the review system because that’s pretty important to the way the whole thing works.

I think it’s more likely that Airbnb removed your review either in error or because it violates their terms. What did they tell you?

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There’s one other thing to consider. Reviews are shown according to the home country of the guest. So if the “missing” reviews are from foreign guests that would explain why you don’t see them at the top of your review list.


Yep. I wondered about the same thing a couple of years ago when my guests were from Scotland (I am in the U.S.) I found it, finally, at the end of the reviews.

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I thought of that, but doesn’t that just apply to the order of reviews written by guests that show on the listing itself? On a host’s profile page, the reviews actually are in chronological order- does that not hold true for reviews on a guest’s profile page, too?

I don’t know. I also don’t know where the OP is looking for them.

I just took a look at 2 of my past guests’ profile pages, guests who I knew were world travelers with many Airbnb reviews. One has 24 reviews as a guest. Their reviews appear in chronological order, unrelated to which country their bookings were in, or my own account region.

So unless a guest has had 14 one night stays since the host left a review, and both parties promptly left a review, that review wouldn’t be significantly buried, although it may not be the most recent to be published.

And while I’m not insinuating that a host who says their review wasn’t published is a dummy, it could be something as simple as getting distracted and forgetting to click on the Submit button. Or an Airbnb glitch where the “Submit” doesn’t stick. We all have “Oh, duh”, moments once in awhile, and hosts have certainly had the experience of changing a setting or a price that doesn’t “stick”.

I think sometimes if you have more than one guest staying and they both have Airbnb accounts that are linked to the reservation, the review might show up under only one guests profile. I recall having to search for one in the past and that may be the reason I couldn’t find it. Idk.

Recently I had a guest who booked one night and had to cancel as his work situation changed. I was asked to submit a review although he had not stayed. This was stated in the review request.
My review was along the lines of ‘courteous and communicated well’ which was true!
He too was asked for a review and placed a similar non-committal comment. THEN I was told that his review was being deleted as it was clearly by a third party!!! No comment!

I’ve never had a guest cancel last minute, but if I did I would write something similar to what you did, or not bother to review at all unless I got a notification that the guest had left a review. In fact, I might message them to say that as they didn’t stay, I had nothing to review, so planned not to, and would assume the guest would do the same.

Communication is the only thing one could rate a guest who didn’t stay on. Or the guest rate the host on. I don’t quite understand why Airbnb doesn’t change their algorithm so that if a guest cancels, say 8 hours before check-in time, the review prompt is disabled. I understand that if they cancel only a few hours before check-in, the guest could have been offered early check-in, and actually arrived- Airbnb has no way of knowing that, but if they cancel at 10PM the day before, obviously they never stayed and cleanliness, house rules, etc, can’t be rated. The review prompts for any cancelled booking within 24 hours of check-in doesn’t make sense.

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actually if they don’t stay at all they shouldn’t be allowed to leave a review.

but i guess we all have a LOT of things that we think shouldn’t be allowed.