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No Internet Access for two weeks

Hello…I am a Superhost from Arizona and will be traveling out of the country for two weeks in November.
I won’t have access to phone, e-mail or the Internet. What should I do with my listing? Obviously, my primary concern is responding to guests and bookings etc. Thanks!

Snooze your listing while you’re gone.

Thanks! I’ll do that.

Do you have a trusted friend or family member who could respond on your behalf?

Probably. Is that better than snoozing it?

Well, I guess what Karma means is that you’d be delisted for the time that you’re away so you’d miss any potential bookings. If you have someone responding to and accepting bookings on your behalf, you won’t lose the business.

Good point. I’ll think about both options and try to book as much in advance as I can.

Right. But if you have a trusted friend who responds they really need to be trusted and given free rein to handle everything. I’d also say it depends on what kind of listing you have. Who is going to do check ins and cleanings? What if something goes wrong? You only have 48 hours to open a case. You only have two weeks to leave reviews. If I were in the same situation I’d be wary of ruining my airbnb reputation for the sake of missing a few inquiries or bookings.

I wasn’t suggesting that someone manages the property - it’s easy enough to block off those dates so that no one is able to book those 2 weeks. But I think what Russ was asking was how would he be able to respond to booking requests during that period. So I think his only options would be to turn on instant book or to have someone responding for him.


It should be possible to get a phone+internet US plan that will work internationally. It won’t be cheap, granted. Which countries will you be travelling to?

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