No Inquiry Notifications

I have not received Airbnb app (iOS) notications for my last five inquiries. I have my Airbnb notifications set to persistent banners on my lock screen, and I am receiving current and future guest notifications as expected. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I received an inquiry yesterday morning that only came through email - not the app or message.

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I am receiving email notifications of inquiries, too, so sounds like we could be in the same boat.

I haven’t been getting notifications for months. I assume it’s a bug, because I’ve checked the settings in my phone repeatedly, and this is the only app I have issues with.

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I didn’t get a text or email for my last booking which came in 2 days ago. This is the first time this has happened to me. Now, I’m checking on line a few times a day.

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I’ve been having problems, too. I had to add text notifications in addition to push and email, just to be sure I see them.

In addition to the issue with notifications, often my messages to guests don’t show in the app (Android), nor does the app register that I’ve already reviewed a guest (the prompt to review remains).

The unreliability of the app is very concerning as it’s how I most interface with Air!

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I’m having the same issue here too. No notifications of bookings, messages etc. Only getting emails. I use the app on my phone all the time and need to get the notifications when I’m out. Frustrating.

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Same here…no notifications via the app or text on my iphone. Had an inquiry today sit for three hours before I saw it on my desktop. Very concerning – I put in a note via the feedback mechanism on the app.

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I did that, too. I hope they fix it soon. If it affects my response time stays, I’m going to be irked.

I just noticed the same. Enquiry came through but no text or app notification.
Don’t get many enquiries but I am always on my phone and email notification came through so I noticed it pretty quickly

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FYI—it just happened to me again. I didn’t receive any inquiry notification and didn’t answer the guest for two and a half hours. This was for a booking tonight, so it probably cost me that booking.

Same thing happened to me last night. Didn’t see the inquiry until this morning. Don’t really want the guests anyway and hopefully it doesn’t affect my response time too much.

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Having the same issues here as well. Five inquiries in the past two days, and only had the notification chime once. Thank goodness for which sent out my generic response just as quickly as always. I am making a real effort to check my email inbox regularly just in case an inquiry slips through in stealth mode.


But you have IB on right? Why do folks inquire when they could just book? In my experience bookers book, lookers inquire. Even when I answer within minutes, or seconds, I find most people who inquire don’t book. That said it’s a very small sample from which to judge since most people IB with me.

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Yup. I have IB. They could just book, but they have a question. A lot of the questions are about proximity to wherever they need to visit and how they would get there. Remember, people don’t drive around here. You take a car-share or public transportation. Even people who arrive with cars don’t drive to the tourist spots. Their cars sit in my driveway, while they are out exploring.

Anyhow, of those five inquiries, four have booked and the other one is pissed that someone else took their dates before they could “confirm with their husband.”

My experience has not been similar to yours. Almost all inquiries turn into bookings IF I am actually the right location and/or place for them. To be more specific, I have had perhaps, four inquiries in the past year that didn’t turn into a booking.

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Yes I should always remember to qualify my posts with “but my place isn’t like yours.” Since I just have the single room with mostly one nighters it’s quite different.

Recent inquiries that didn’t book were declined by me after a few hours of no reply:
Will my cat be able to hear your dogs (mulitple warnings about hearing dogs barking in the listing)
Is your airbnb walking distance to the Airport (distance of ~5 miles is in the listing)
I have my 5 year old son with me (no children under 11)

One girl asked about late check in even though my listing says late check in even after midnight is okay. I didn’t get a notification and it took about 2 hours before I saw the message but she still booked. I need to decide if I’m going to cancel my smartbnb subscription or start really using all it’s features.

Two recent cancellations after IBing were related to the pet fee.

Maybe, maybe not. But the point is, different locations have different challenges for guests. You are a drive in/drive out kind of location. People don’t really care if you are 1 mile or 1 1/4 miles from a coffee shop since they are driving. Urban areas have different issues and transportation is a huge one. Heck, where to put the car is an enormous one!

Hence, our inquiries and inquiry “conversion” rates are different.

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Yes, I have IB on, and most guests (probably 90%) do instant book. He was inquiring if I accepted same day reservations. He was making a spur of the moment trip here for a basketball game. As it turned out, he booked and was a fabulous guest. He is a drummer and I enjoyed his stories of rock ‘n’ roll debauchery immensely. :grinning:

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Happened to me today too. Inquiry came today at 3:08pm. I got no email and no alerts. The others with access to my account didn’t get them either. I only noticed it because of the new message icon on the Airbnb app when I opened my phone so I didn’t get to reply until 6:04pm. :triumph:

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You are so right! In my experience, inquiries have been a time suck that don’t convert to a booking.