No heat, with guest scheduled today

Been trying to get our heating system back up & running for 4 days now, they delivered bad fuel. Got that pumped out & replaced, but probably have air in the lines now. But I digress.
Guests scheduled to arrive this afternoon. There are a cpl of other options for them close by that’re available. Think I should call Air & cancel? I believe this falls under EC, but that depends on what phase of the moon is in, & if the cs rep got up on the wrong side of the bed. Thoughts, wise ones?

Is it operational, and just needs you to bleed the pipes of air?

Yes you should call Airbnb, but also talk to the guests ASAP.


It’s a flippin’ nightmare, Rolf! We’ve been trying to bleed the air from the lines for, what, this is day four now?! They’ll come on line for 20-30 min, & go off. So, prime, wait, & cross fingers. They don’t make these units anymore & nobody services them. :weary:


Yep, called Air first thing, & she was super helpful- WOW! Guest did get back w/ me, & Air, & they still want to keep the reservation. Rounding up space heaters as we speak. Whole house smells like kerosene :dizzy_face:


Why is your HVAC contractor not fixing this? Where are they?

Word to all - make sure you have annual heating/cooling maintenance contracts.


I would offer the guest a small discount and be prepared for them to want to move if the smell is too much. And yes use Airbnb EC policy for hosts.

Have you got mobile heaters that can be used as an alternative.

Good luck

Any electric blankets or throws? Fireplace or wood burner? I’d also give some sort of rebate to the guest.

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HVAC contractor? Not everyone has heating systems like that. Sounds like the OP just has a tank they get filled with fuel. And they already said it’s an older unit that no one services.

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None of the HVAC contractors around here service these units. They were installed in the late 90s, and they stopped making them about 15 years ago. My husband (thankfully) has been maintaining them, but what caused the problem was the fuel company put either the wrong fuel, or contaminated fuel in when they delivered. “The perfect storm”, so to say…

Good advice! I’m in contact w/ another host close by, should they not want to stay, which I totally understand.

Yes, agreed. No wood stove, but I did head to the stove shop yesterday on a fact finding mission. And we’re now considering a different heat source, needless to say! This is going to be a very pricey lesson…
Space heaters have gotten the temp up pretty quickly, thankfully.

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Time to take advantage (if you are in the US) of the tax rebates for a heat pump system.



Thanks for that heads up! Believe me, after fighting this archaic system for 5 days now, w/ no tech support & watching Youtube videos, we’re looking into every possible replacement system out there. Kinda frustrating, but we roll w/ the punches! How come the heat never dies in the summer?:joy:
More to follow after the guests (who seem quite happy w/ their energy gobbling space heaters) leave Sunday. Fortunately he’s a diesel mechanic, so the fumes make him feel at home🤦‍♀️
I can’t say the same, & we’re a homeshare! The rest of the story to follow! Thanks everyone for the advice- I love you guys!:joy:


That is amazing, and it must be one heck of a guardian angel that you have :joy: