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I had a guest book for two nights for a total of $200. At 4 am I get a message saying the heat is not working. I head over there with space heaters and to check it out. I offered to buy them a hotel for the night or to move them to another apartment in my building. They declined because the other apartment had one bedroom but they had three people. (The reservation said only one person was staying). They said they would just stay. The next day the tech came and said he needs to order a part so I told the guest that and they decided to call Airbnb and find a new place to stay. I told them I would give them a full refund for the second night but 50% for the first night. They are now complaining threatening to make my “Airbnb life miserable” unless I give them a full refund. Should I just give the full refund to get rid of the headache or just post my side of the story once they write their review?

This is extortion and should be reported as such.


Call Airbnb asap - and do mention that you offered a 1 bedroom apartment to the 1 guest on the resevation. They declined.
Explain that you went there with space heaters in the middle of the night etc etc

Ask the CS for their suggestion and take it from there.


Personally I’d tell them to **** *** but never, ever, ever be intimidated by guests and their stupidly pathetic extortion attempts and never refund a penny.

Report their extortion attempts to Airbnb and let’s hope that they are banned from the platform. We don’t need people like that.


The heat died during their first night?

Call Airbnb and have them relocated since there is no heat. Let Airbnb take care of it. I’m assuming customer service would cancel their reservation with you so they should not be able to leave a review. If they do, just write a rebuttal saying Airbnb relocated them because the heat was not working and tech would not be able to repair the same day because a part needed to be ordered.

And here’s the topic no one else has responded to: The reservation was for one, but three showed up.

Do you message guests on the Airbnb platform to confirm exactly how many people will be arriving? If so, that’s the ideal time to deal with extras. For example, you can submit a reservation change to the correct number and tell the guest to accept it. Some hosts add a fee for extra guests. That’s also the time to include that change.

If the actual number of guests exceeds the limit stated in your listing, ask Airbnb to rehouse the guests elsewhere.

Also, do you have exterior cameras that show you how many guests come and go? Or some other way to know? For example, do you meet guests at check-in?

I’m strict about the number of guests. It’s important to me that the reservation reflect exactly how many guests stay…

In any case, if the reservation says “1 adult” and more show up, Airbnb support (which is always iffy at best) might be denied, in case of damage or loss.


I would tell them they have already had a substantial discount because they booked for one and arrived with three people and therefore haven’t paid for the second and third guest.

Please don’t offer to pay for hotels if this happens.

You provided a reasonable alternative for the one guest that booked. If that didn’t work you should have asked Airbnb to cancel the booking under extenuating circumstances.


I’m pretty sure that once the guest shows up for the reservation you always have the option of a review BUT if they put their extortion in writing, then you can get it removed.

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Thanks. I called the CS and explained everything. They said I did everything right and to not worry.


Hope that works out. I would feel better if air put that in writing…

Hopefully this was said on the message platform through AirBnB.
Definitely a threat and that is against policy as Jaquo points out.
Customer service would not let their review stand but you may have to fight for that.

They were in the wrong right out of the gate with 3 people instead of the one on the booking. You had spare accommodation for the booked number of guests and offered it to remedy the situation.
Keep us posted on how this goes for you.
The collective wisdom\ experience from members here give me the wind beneath my wings when it comes to advice on how to deal with issues that come up.

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Wonderful !! Now this case is in their system and hopefully you will be able to leave an honest review for future hosts.