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No guests in high season because of terror attact

In august i dont have one singel guests in the high season in germany because of the terror attact in many places in Germany last month…I look at some websites for hotelprisecomparision, look like the hotel has more trouble than I…the price is even cheaper than the price in winter. Not Germany has this problem, Paris has the same problem. You can not imagine that the hotels in Paris even cheaper than in Germany. I think it is time to traval in paris and live in a high class hotel in Paris with my family…only80 Euro for holiday inn, cheaper than in malta

Terror attacks may be the problem, but before you jump to conclusions keep in mind there may be other reasons too. There is also a higher number of new properties everywhere. Others not just in Europe but in US, Australia have reported a slump in bookings recently. So it’s not just in Gernany and France.
Fortunately inbound tourism to Japan is booming right now. Record tourist numbers.

In Sweden no problems at all, going very well

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Asian guests(chinese, Japanese) play a very important part in the tourism Market in Westeurope.If you can read chinese, you will read there is overall negative news and report about west europe nearly every day. And the asian are very scared and many of them cancel their trip.

Sweden is not in the tradition tourism route(paris+amsterdam+brussel+luxumburg+köln) for asian guests. One reason is that is it too expensive. The other reason is that it is far away from the most famous tourimus places like Paris. When the asian don’t come, no problem for sweden.

I am in Paris, I have only had one cancellation and it was because poor girl had broken up with her bf - i cancelled another because guest refused to give checkin time - so that’s 9 days in august which havent been replaced but i am blaming it on the short notice and not the attacks. I was expecting a huge drop because of all that’s going on in france but people are still coming :- ) happily enough


The tourism in Jp is booming only because it is very cheap because before the atom cathastrophe they can not just afford that…after the cathastrophe the jp trip is nearly like free. There are lots of promotion in China like you book a west europetrip and get a free japanese trip.

I think your guests booked very easily. If you look at the hotel price for the moment to october, you will cry! from 35 Euro for a double room!

I host in Brussels, which has also been the target of a terror attack. There is no one there in August, the market is as flat as it gets.

It is not because of a terror attack that happened in March. It is because it is August, where Europeans get out of cities and travel on the coast or in the green. Wherever you are in Germany, you will find more people willing to go to the Costa Brava than your place.

In addition, people going on holidays also rent-out of Airbnb, which increases the offer of units available (and increase the “spread” compared to any other time of the year).

Very major touristic cities, like Paris, London, Amsterdam will always have tourists but for the more human-size cities, it is more difficult, like every year.

I need to remember this so I can book a trip to Europe next August. So far this month we have had several days over 100 degrees with almost 100% humidity in Houston, Texas. Checking Weather.com, it is 75 degrees in Paris today. I’ve heard you can do things like walk outside there.

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I’m in NYC, need I say more, but guys, consider who the poster is lol! She’s back.

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Yes, but it’s also hot and humid in Europe in August which is partially why everyone leaves!

Hot and humid are relative to what you are used to. I have known many Asian people who wear light coats in the summer here and I asked, aren’t you hot? And they said, it’s hotter where I’m from so I’m a little chilly here. I grew up someplace less hot than this and used to think 86 degrees was unbearable. Now I think that’s a pretty nice day!

I worked in hotels in Paris I know the price. August is the most expensive. The cheapest hotels should be 55 Euro in 2004, but now 35. Sth like Ibis was 120 but now 55. Sth like holiday Inn should be 250-350 but now 70-90…that is dream price!

I was reminded of this thread today when I was listening to the BBC. It was saying that a) of all the terrorism that has taken place throughout the world this year, 0.5% was in Western Europe (4% if you add Eastern Europe) and b) that there was more terrorism in Europe in the seventies than there is today or has been in recent years.


Headed to Paris and Bordeaux next week. Got some very good prices.

Officials in Paris region considers it a “dangerous” heat wave when temperatures go over 30°C (86°F) during the day and 18°C (64°F) at night :smile:


Yes, I heard that too.

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Hi Chen,

No, it is not because of the terror attacks.
It is because it is august, en people go on holidays, not city trips.

Also Hotels in big cities are cheap now, because there are very little business travelers.

My am still fully booked until mid September. Very little AirbnB because it use AirBnB only to fill my gaps.

I am near Kemah and grew up Houston. It has been stifling hot this year. I also am looking at Europe next year.

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They can’t be that big of wussies.

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