No Condo Option?

Why is there no option for condo as a place to stay? My place is the penthouse condo on the rooftop but I have to select other.

We don’t know. You should email Airbnb and suggest that they add it.

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What is a condo? What is the difference between an apartment and a condo? What can I, as a guest, expect from a condo, that I can’t expect from an apartment?

Since AirBnB is for an international public: Certain words have different meanings to different people (e.a. villa, kitchenette,…) or no meaning. I for one, would never go looking for a ‘condo’, since to me a condominium is just an apartment building (a building with different units, usually owned by different owners).
Is the difference, that there is some communal green? Is that the difference?

If there are elements that clearly differentiate your ‘condo’ from an apartment/penthouse, I think you have to make these differences clear in your listing (title, photos, description,…).


To me, condo evokes a Homeowners Association that doesn’t allow short term rentals. LOL.


Are there apartment buildings that don’t have a HOA? I would think that there’s always some communal space/property (e.a. stairs/roof) and isn’t this always managed by a HOA?

No apartment building has an HOA. The owner of the building, who may live on or off-site, manages the property. Many condos are actually stand-alone buildings with common areas and amenities. The variations are endless.

And that is also why AirBnB can’t include all options.

And this is the other reason: I never knew the words ‘apartment building’ in the USA imply there is just one single owner. That is certainly not the case in other countries.
So does this mean in the USA, one can never buy 1 apartment in a building?

@Dvcrable Do you want to call it condo, to make it clear you own the place and you don’t rent?

According to “What’s the difference between an apartment and a condo? In terms of physical attributes, nothing. The difference stems from ownership, with apartment units housed within a complex owned by a single entity, often a corporation, and then leased out to individual tenants. Condo units are owned by individuals and usually then managed under the umbrella of that condo community’s homeowner association (HOA), often with the assistance of a property-management company. So when you rent a condo, the individual condo owner is your landlord.
As far as an Airbnb guests goes, it seems there is no difference.

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Hi yes I own the place. Every individual unit is owned by different people. Whereas an apartment building is owned by one person or entity and rents out each unit.

And do you feel this is an important distinction to make towards guests? As Mike_L said, there seems to be no difference.