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No bookings for months


When you type in my town my place is way down the list because Airbnb put in the nearest city…


Do you have a question? Or is this just a one line rant? We certainly need more details than you’ve given!


When you posted here before when you were starting out members told you, that in order to help you, you need to provide more than one liners and give us some background to the issue you wanted help with - but you continued to just provide one liners.

Now here you are back again doing the same :slight_smile: :smile: :hushed:

If there is a problem with where AIrbnb are locating you which is affecting your bookings, then give Airbnb a call.


Straightforward question .don’t know why your questioning my question


Glad you remembered me…and glad you did understand my one liner


That was no question. That was at best a sentence fragment.


Definitely no question in your opening comment.

A question would be

“I have a problem - when you type my town into the Airbnb search function my place is way down the list because Airbnb put in the nearest city. Does anyone know why this is happening?”


Wow, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t have any bookings.

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