No bookings for a month

Its slow all of a sudden,I have no bookings for Sept even though my price is very reasonable and I’m the first one listed in my city.I also have 250 5 star reviews…what going on?Im getting worried.

Taking 8 months off did not hurt listing, they still kept me listed as no 1 in my city the whole time I was booked. When I reopened in June, I filled up for June July and august,then it just stopped🤷🏻‍♀️

Ok, not sure what happened. I’m sure you’ll get it figured out on your own.

Did you try searching from a private browser? That’s a better indicator of where your listing appears in search results.

In your Progress tab, do you see that you’re getting views? Or have those dropped off, too?


I’m getting 600 views per month

Okay, but did you check from a private window? Are you showing up for specific dates? Can guests see your calendar is open? I opened my Sept/Oct dates recently and they reverted to closed because an outside calendar was re-blocking the dates.

Check your booking settings and calendar for coding gremlins. Make sure there are no weird calendar rules, long required stays, etc. A well-intentioned but terminally stupid CSR set my calendar to only allow Monday check-outs. That messed with my bookings for a bit.

Beyond that…:woman_shrugging:


Did you perform the search using a private browser window. If not, you will always be number one.

Show me your listing link and I’ll look too.


I have no bookings after Labor Day. I shut down for 3 weeks last month because of squatters (mouse invasion), then was booked on a different platform, and now have a couple of weekdays this week blocked for maintenance. As a result my views and bookings have plummeted. Not too worried about it, most of our bookings through Air are made pretty close to the check-in date. Bookings will resume. Have faith. :blush:

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I haven’t had a booking since late April. Only requests to bring pets (No Pet policy front and center, smh), children (Not suitable for children), and the odd “can I book long term off-platform” requests.

I made a couple of changes to pricing, photos, and started a few projects around the house, including painting. Now I have a booking!

Hint: No bookings? Take half your living room apart to paint something and your listing will become very popular. Paint swatches of different colors on the guest room wall and… bingo! guests. #dontaskmehowiknowthis


I have like 40 photos.I worked at the 4 seasons for ten years; I made the room look 5 star;I spent $25,000 rehabbing the room.The guest has a private Huge garden etc… I’m not gonna worry about it anymore. I have other things I do to earn money so I could survive without a booking but its tight!

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Honestly I think things have changed a bit and I refuse to drop my price below $74. Ive hosted 300 guests ;its the SAME room as 4 years ago.I still get excellent reviews BUT reviews were much better and longer 4 years ago,people seemed to appreciate it more back then.I wonder if people just expect a lot now?


I can’t say that I understand why, but I have noticed that if I edit some tiny detail, even erase a word and then add it back, in a listing it counts as updated. Frequent updates seem to help our position in the search. If you have a lot of new hosts in your area they may be getting priority. As for views with no bookings, I agree with the comments that you need to review your availability.

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that would take a while to see a profit

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I will more than get my money back when I sell I’m in San Diego with a guesthouse are in short supply.,will make it very easy to sell.In California no one wants to pay 2000 a mo rent and someone will buy it for their kid or mother-in-law

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I lived in South La Jolla for 14 years and finally left to go to FL when my rent was over $3K for a 2 bedroom (yes, location, but still…). Now my money goes much further but there are things I do miss about SD. Like the lack of bugs and no lightening…

@Barns - $25k to upgrade a guest house in San Diego will return on investment pretty quickly if done right and marketed right. A friend of mine owns a small (600 sqft) cottage in Pacific Beach with a teeeny yard and the LTR $$ is over $3k per month. She’s thinking of doing Air with her current property manager because she can make even more money in a beach town.

yeah, that sounds about right. I was thinking in terms of $25K on a single room, and renting it out at $74 a night which isn’t such a good formula :slight_smile: but it seems I misjudged what had been done to what, and that selling it was part of the plan

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And, depending upon where in SD County, $74 a night for a luxury private guest house is a freaking steal. Raise the prices and market the location. If near Ramona, that wine country is booming, and the wines are pretty darn good.

oooh, wines, that made me sit up!


“Know your audience.”

drops mic< :rofl: