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Nightmare guests. what every host fears


It started of with her booking 30 min from check in time. She let’s me know she will be there at check in time which is at 3pm. I let her know that I don’t have the room ready and won’t be home till later. So I come up with an alternative. I offer her my other property which is an upgrade to the private room she 1st booked to an entire house. I get home and I check in with the them to make sure everything is OK. The next morning I go in to clean the place and what do I find.

THEY had

  • moved furniture out of place
  • beds not touched which was odd
  • my closets where I keep spare linens and cleaning supplies ransacked through
  • endless towels used
  • bedroom lamps in the kitchen
  • complimentary bottle of champagne exploded all over the freezer.
  • my plastic kitchen spoons melted
  • a plastic bag containing what I think is crystal meth.
  • a small can of butane fuel
  • wallets left behind
  • and just plain odd messes in places you don’t expect

Iam so pissed I want to rant so bad about these guests in Thier review. I want to report them to airbnb but I don’t know what to do. I need help what do you guys suggest?
I can deal with a guests complaining about stuff thats not surprise, but a guest having complete disrespect for your stuff and home is unacceptable. Would you agree?


Sounds like they were into drugs!


Yikes…this was a drug binge and bender. The butane lighter… the spoons. Yup, they were trying to light and smoke the meth. omg, how scary they left the meth behind!? No need for beds, you are ramped up crazy when smoking meth.

Call Airbnb at once!

I also had nightmare guests who were getting totally wasted on my property with booze and also vaping pot. Inviting strangers over. They left the room in pretty much the same condition as you state minus the bag of meth. Holy god. Drugs and alcohol just makes them totally lose their judgment.

I left a scathing review, and you should too… but a circumstance like this goes beyond the pale. They should have their account yanked. How dare they.

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flag them and leave a HONEST review they are renting meth gathering houses and need to be stopped.

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:joy: that made me laugh out loud.

but seriously, how scary!

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I think they woud not do all of this if they were at your house under “supervision”.But when they realized they are getting the whole place to themsleves then the party had to happen.
I had couple of guests like that. After their stay i said to my husband, just imagine if they were alone in the house if they were like this while we are in the house.

I would definitely leave honest review and tell Airbnb. I am sure after that they wont be able tor rent elsewhere


Oh my God!!!That sounds awful!!I try to rent my place to families or couples that usually are calm. My worse experience so far was someone who left their kids vomit for me to clean it lol but this situation sounds really scary as they could get you into trouble with your neighbors etc.
I would call airbnb to complain and flag guests, I would take pictures of the mess,I would keep their security deposit and write them a review with all the things that you stated.
These kind of people are definitely not welcome!!


Gandyv8 that sounds awful!! It may be a good idea to take photos of everything and then contact Airbnb. It may not amount to anything but if they could at least delete their account and flag their IDs then it may prevent another host from having the same experience.


Not that I have ever done it! That’s only what I hear!


First of all - I would be calling the police. Crystal meth is illegal and you have their wallets and ID. You absolutely do not put up with that kind of behaviour nor inflict it on the next host by doing nothing.

Sorry about your place though - that’s just appalling.


Dear Gandy,

If I were you I would be afraid of these people and they could be dangerous. Maybe I am overreacting but if they were making meth it could be a dangerous situation. I don't think  I would leave a review at all, but instead report them to airbnb so that they can be blocked from trying to book again and I would tell aibnb to keep my name anonymous.

 I am sorry to hear this. It sounds like a nightmare.


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