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Nightmare! 2 mentally unstable guests in the last 3 months!

Hey Airbnb hosts - please screen your guests well because they aren’t… The website has sent me 2 mentally unstable guests this summer, and they’re not offering me any protection from the most recent, although I had to have the guest removed by police.
The first episode was a no-show guest, whose family contacted me trying to locate the guest, who had known mental health issues. They created her AirBnB account and handled all the communications with me. It was a very uncomfortable situation, but when I demanded it, AirBnB blocked the guest form being able to communicate with me.
Last week, I had a guest who was with me for a month, had mentioned staying for a second month, but disappeared for 2 weeks and never returned my attempts to communicate about the reservation. The guest returned the day before the end of their reservation to find I had the room rented out beginning the next day. The guest became very emotional, verbally abusive, screamed at me in my home, and then refused to check out by the checkout time although I had made the time and my expectations very clear. I warned the guest that I would be calling the police and it took an officer an hour to remove the guest from my home. The guest was also nasty and combative with the officer. Afterwards, the officer told me the guest was showing markers for mental illness and instability and he was close to detaining the guest for observation. Wow…
On the phone, an AirBnB rep first chastised me for not giving the guest extra time to check out, then told me they don’t block members from contacting each other. I told the rep that AirBnB had 2 months previously and then the rep refused to let me talk to a supervisor. I reported this rep to another supervisor and I still haven’t heard anything back a week later - except from the representative I reported, who told me AirBnB was not going to block the guest from being able to contact me (or review me!!!).
Anyway, please make sure you research your guests well, because apparently AirBnB will not intervene to protect you from potential harassment, etc. I’ve decided that will no longer accept guests who don’t have at least 3 very good reviews. The peace and quiet of my home are worth a lot more than a few bucks!!!
I’m seriously considering using another service after my current reservations are fulfilled. I used to be a VERY satisfied AirBnB user. Not now, though!


@78704MCM - what a horrific experience for you. In my previous life I worked with the mentally ill (and the police) and can only imagine how upsetting this was.

I’m really, really disappointed to hear how actual Airbnb human staff treated you.

If the money isn’t critical, might I suggest snoozing your listing for a bit while you enjoy a much-deserved respite from your experience? Time and distance cannot cure everything, but they provide a wonderful short-term placebo effect.

Hugs, mi amor,


I would also raise this issue with them through social media. They do have a facility to remove guests from BnB and in the circumstance shouldn’t be letting this guest review your property or indeed remain on BnB.

Good luck,


What facility Airbnb has to remove guests from homes? I never heard of it.?

@78704MCM , sorry to hear that you have all these unstable guests.

What did the rep meant that you did not give a guest more time to check out?
DId you mention police when you talked to representative. Do you have a report? I think that might help to block this guest.

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You mean to tell me the rep. pretty much said you shouldn’t worry about having the room ready for the guest checking in that day??

Sorry to hear all of this.


I posted something on social media and was contacted right away.
When I spoke to another rep, I was told once again that they wouldn’t do anything to keep this person from contacting me, leaving reviews, or anything. I’ve got a few more reservations to fulfill, then I’m moving to another service like HomeAway or VRBO. I’ve lost any and all love for AirBnB.

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For the 1st time, my Husband and I are currently experiencing a difficult guest. It is OK when my Husband and I are at work and thankfully she stays out touring most of the day, but interactions with her are exhausting. First off, I should have checked her reviews from other hosts as well as reviews of her as a host- She has said some pretty deplorable and demeaning things to guests and had some things stated about her as a guest which are not too far from what we are experiencing.

Lets see, I knew something was amiss when she text me a series of messages which indiated that she clearly did not read the description and resources provided on the listing page. Once arriving, she sent me an explicative message stating that our home was in a “Sh#t community in a country full of guns” and " our neighborhood is a dump" (kid you not, still in my messages). Our neighborhood is older, clean, quiet, and actually undergoing revitalization- like I saw on some thread, I suppose she wants a 5 star hotel/ 5th Avenue/Beverly Hills place on an Air BnB budget. At any rate, she apologized once meeting me and my Husband but each interaction thereafter was like some sort of test to see how far she could push the envelope (i.e. NO boundaries, incessant questions about political affiliations and religious beliefs, sharing stories of how she was almost raped by Uber drivers multiple times in Afghanistan and Pakistan, complaints about Homeland Security personnel driving for Uber, complaints about how dirty Houston is, etc.). Being a mental health counselor in training helps in that I have established clear boundaries by explicitly stating that I am not comfortable or at liberty to talk about certain subjects as they are personal to me as well as using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques such as blocking and reframing to thwart her petty carping and passive aggressive and manipulative nature which I spotted early on and saw evidence of in some of her highly inappropriate reviews.

Our current dilemma: My husband and I came home moments ago to find that the guest hung her wet underwear on one of the lounge chairs out back to dry in the sun… you couldn’t make this stuff up! We have decided to ignore it unless she does so in a common area within the home.

I truly believe that this woman has anti social personality disorder (psychopath)- the DSM-5 lists symptoms that are almost identical to her behaviors and actions (i.e. complete lack of empathy, phony/exaggerated gestures, flat affect, aggressiveness/hostility, and malicious undertones boiling just under the surface. I swear my hair stands up on the back of my neck and my gut is never wrong. I called Air BnB the first night and they asked me to give it until the next morning or to call the police if there was the threat of physical harm. I refrained from getting the police involved but feel more of a psychological/ psychic vampirism and threat that she will accuse us of something that we did not do. Needless to say, we are extremely happy that she will be leaving in 42 hours and 24 minutes.

Thanks for allowing me to vent and I am so happy to have found this site, I don’t feel alone …
Also, I have been consumed with how to leave a diplomatic review of this “guest”.

HORRIFIC. So sorry…
It will be over soon…


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Put your DSM-5 away while reviewing her.

What the what?

Welcome, this is a great forum

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I have a book about “emotional vampires” because I, unfortunately, know people like this. Argh. My first question is why you feel the need to be diplomatic about your review of her? People have such a need to be polite, even in the worst circumstances. Isn’t honesty more important? It sucks, and I am so very sorry you had to go through this. I don’t have to deal with this because my place is a “whole house”. If I were in your shoes, I would try the headphone trick others have deployed until she is gone.


Any Airbnb rep that gives me any crap for the rules that I make in my house will be told in short order to kiss my ass, in polite, businesslike terms of course.

The guest was out of contact for 2 weeks. Why on Earth would you be expected to give them more time to check out? To me that’s just unreasonable and ridiculous to boot. Just in case you need any validation I will be happy to provide it. You were right and Airbnb was wrong.

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A psychic vampire (psy vamp) is a term used to describe a living person who “drains” others emotionally. They do this either empathically (draining the auric life force) or metaphorically (someone who takes emotionally without giving anything back; a “user”). Needy, passive aggressive, pushing boundaries just to see how far one can go, lol! We are literally walking on eggshell and avoiding this guest and I think she gets off on shocking others with her wildly random and inappropriate questions and comments.

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I did the headphones trick last night and it eventually worked. Still, she followed me around trying to talk to me, ugh!

True about honesty… I try to be tactful at least and hate to stoop to an irrational person’s level. I have the review figured out and wont it be epic as I AM quite the cheeky “smart-a@s”, lol!

I was naive and the unstable guest I am currently hosting has opened my eyes. Sorry you had to go through that.

Don’t feel bad. I just had my first one too. I nicknamed her La Pesadilla (the nightmare). I just felt like she sucked the life out of me. I feel so much better now that she’s gone.

Is the RV gone??? That is the question of the hour.

I have one too along the same lines, called ‘Drama Queens’.

Hahaha kona. Yes, the trailer is gone, so is mama.

Yup. Took an extra day but she stayed in contact and came back and got it. I told her that I had a couple of older neighbors that are real watchdogs and they’d probably call the city and have it towed if it wasn’t gone soon enough. :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to start another thread so I am posting, here – cleaned today after my first IB guest, who had great reviews. Well, actually, after reading them, they were not as great as I thought they were – “left the house pretty clean”; “left the house in good condition”. Thus, I left a brutally honest review for future hosts – numerous house rules were broken, house was quite messy, this was a back-to-back day and they didn’t take out the trash or the recyclables, destroyed two pillowcases with black make-up, crumbs everywhere, beer bottle rings on tables right next to the unused coasters etc. (and I am suspicious that they had someone stay over as the sleeper sofa, coffee table, and rug were all moved). I really don’t want to have this guest, again, so I gave the blow-by-blow. Maybe I am getting a bit burned out because I don’t care if my bad review of her puts off future guests (95% of my reviews of my guests are excellent). It is what it is.


And it’s likely none of your potential guests will ever think to click through your past guests’ profiles, and read the review you left. Guests don’t read house descriptions, cancellation policies, nor house rules as it is.

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