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Nice guests broke something big. Should they pay?

I had three very nice women staying at my rental. On their last day they opened and tilted my 9’ patio umbrella (one of two). It’s rarely used and fairly new (purchased in June). When they tried to straighten and close it the mechanism snapped and broke. They left it open and dangling from its post, but called to let me know and explain how it happened (a first for me).

Should I charge them to replace it or chalk it up to a faulty umbrella and pay to replace it myself?

I would contact the retailer or manufacturer and ask for a refund or a replacement.


A good suggestion. I wouldn’t change the guests as it certainly doesn’t seem that it was deliberate or malicious. So I’d see it as wear and tear if the manufacturer or retailer won’t help.


Sounds like it was not abuse or negligence. I would thank them for letting me know and I would not charge them.

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