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News Report - 5 ways being an Airbnb host can end up costing you money

This article talks specifically about what AirBnb “insurance” covers. Most notably, “intentional acts” aren’t covered. And insurance only covers the period of the stay. So if someone checks out, and then trashes the place, you aren’t covered.

I guess I should read the fine print :frowning:

How about a news report “5 ways the media intentionally sensationalizes everything?” LOL. Have you had any bad guests? Do any of those 5 things apply to you? ( you’re already in danger with your insurance doing dog boarding.)
Half of this article is a repeat of insurance industry blabber.

I think Airbnb has risks (see my thread, Warning, don’t depend on airbnb), but I don’t think there is anything here that warrants :frowning:

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