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Newbie to the forum but not to Airbnb


Hi All,

I just thought I would say ‘Hi’ to all the hosts here.

I have used Airbnb for approx. 6 years as a guest and when we moved overseas for work I decided to rent out my home. To cut a long story short, I Airbnb’d it instead.

My home wasn’t in a particularly desirable area and so it really just managed to pay for itself, i.e., cover for essentials, the cleaning, and all the bills. At least it ran and I didn’t lose money, but nor did I make any.

Anyway, I now have a home in a popular tourist destination and have decided to rent rooms in my home.

Fingers crossed it works.

Thanks for reading.

Kiki x


Hi Kiki, and welcome to the forum. I found it after my first three months of turning our house into a B&B, and it was Heaven sent. It is well worth having a good trawl through old posts about some of the issues around hosting in your own home.

BTW, where are you?


I am,or will be. In York, Uk.


Welcome Kiki,

Ah, York - one of my favourite places :slight_smile:


my spiritual home! Spent a year in Acomb, when I worked in the chocolate for Nestlé


Haha! Barns, I have a vision of you, covered in the chocolate top to toe!


“I’m gonna need more tissue!”


Or, alternatively, “We’re gonna need a bigger tissue box.”


what would kevinr1 do?

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