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Newbie to Foum, Long Time Host!

Hi All,

My husband and I have been hosting for 6+ years on Air Bnb. We first started with our condo in San Francisco, then expanded to a vacation home in Barcelona, and most recently we bought a house up in wine country. We are looking to add another property later this year.

We love hosting and love that this is our business! We feel very luckily to do something we are so passionate about.

I am very excited to have found this forum to lament and gain knowledge from other hosts.


Welcome, azreala - with your experience I’m sure you’ll have lots to add!

You must have a low Airbnb listing number like I do. I started in 2010 to try to stay out of foreclosure and it’s been helping me stay out of foreclosure ever since!

Welcome @azreala - we’ve been hosting for several years but are new (December last year) to Airbnb. Look forward to your input!

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