Newbie Question

Yes, it would be most useful for the OP to post the link to this listing, so we can see for ourselves if it seems misrepresented or the price would warrant higher expectations.

Also, if I were going to commit to a month’s booking, I would have dialogued a bit with the host beforehand, maybe asked for some photos of the outside and the neighborhood to determine if it was something I would be okay with.

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I always look for hosts with lots of reviews, 5 is too few to take the risk for me.



I think you should share the listing with us, or at the very least the location. There is absolutely no space at all that could be rented in my town for $1000 a month. Not even a teeny studio mother-in-law space over a garage with just a kitchenette. A $1000 rental is simply nonexistent here. So spending $1000 a month means very little, depending on where you are, and if you have a nice interior, that may be the best value you can get. Although it does sound awful, without more information, it could be that you get what you pay for. There is no way to know. Reviews are generally relative to price, and this is a flaw of the system. Most travelers don’t understand how to interpret a review. Sometimes the most expensive places have the lowest reviews…due to expectations.


If I only wanted a place for a night or two, for just myself, and it wasn’t expensive, I would take a chance on even a newbie host with no reviews yet, as long as I saw that they had obviously put good effort into their listing write-up and photos and furnishing the place with guest comfort and convenience in mind. (After all, someone took a chance on booking with all of us when we were newbies with no reviews yet- it seems rather unfair to automatically reject listings of newbies)

I would also request to book or send an inquiry first, rather than IB, to see how the host responded and if they did so in a timely manner.

But I’d want to see a very established host with lots of good reviews and high ratings if I were committing for an extended period of time or travelling with a group who finding a new place for on short notice, if the listing turned out to be unacceptable, would be a logistical hassle.

@misterx - you’ve shown us photographs of an apartment building in an abandoned Japanese mountain complex and a derelict cottage for sale in Scotland. So why not show us photographs of the place where you’re staying? That would help us all to understand.


Just an information note: gaps of 1/4" allow mice; gaps of 1/2" allow rats (in a former life I was a County Code Enforcement Investigator and responded to complaints of substandard housing).

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And gaps of more than 12 cm can allow some human thieves to enter. :wink:
I was told this by my welder when he made my window security bars.

Speaking of graffiti, here’s some incredibly dedicated Mexican graffiti artists:



Whew! That pic makes my nuggets tingle. No ropes, nuthin!

Update, I didn’t let it go. I ended up with a 25 percent refund and I moving out in six days. I’m carefully planning my review as to be fair and allow the host to grow into truth. So far she hasn’t updated her pics or listing to show reality. I have learned alot. I was looking at another place for the future and the guy didn’t have exterior photos. He said he’d send me some but didn’t. I looked up the neighborhood on google and it’s bad. This one here didn’t have google pics on it at all, so I had no clue.

I was very angry during all this. Six more days.