Newbie Question - Understanding Airbnb Pricing

Hi all,

I am trying to understand how AirBnB calculate their pricing :see_no_evil:

My listing price on my calendar has $299 per night but when ABB send through the pricing breakdown it has $274 per night? It also has a service fee charge of $42.77? (Is that what is charged to the guest)? Why would ABB be taking $25 a night?

I’m just a little confused and very new to this, I appreciate any help :blush:

Airbnb charges you 3% Airbnb charges the guest anything up to 20%.
How do you think they make their money?
And this is why we get pinged on value!
They see our average price and all of a sudden all the fees and charges get added.
Some guests feel it is a bait and switch.

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Hello @Claire_Davidson

Airbnb’s Help Centre and Airbnb’s Community Centre is a great resource for those new to Airbnb. They will help you understand the basics around how it works.

For example to add to @Debthecat useful explanation. This is what Airbnb says.


None of that explains what @Claire_Davidson is seeing. The host’s daily rate was reduced by AUD25 (about 8.4%) before Airbnb took their 3% fee.

Edit: Actually, I’m only assuming it was before they took the fees, but the service fee doesn’t work out correctly either way, so I don’t get it. Maybe there’s some other facto they don’t tell you about, like an exchange rate fee.

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Thank you for you reply, it doesn’t work out at all? I’m going to give them a call today and ask them to explain it to me :blush:

Check the Currency you selected on your own pricing. Is it in US$ AU$ or something else?
Check whether you have inadvertently accepted an Airbnb suggestion to run a discount.
Contact the Airbnb Help - you can chat online, or there will be a phone number you can ring.