Newbie question on Superhost Status

I have been hosting for 2 months and I think I have met the minimum hurdle rates for becoming a super host for July 1st assessment. Currently Air says I am currently under “Pending Assessment - assessment ends July 14”


  1. Has anyone experienced the assessment before? Does it really take 14 days for the assessment?
  2. If I fall below the hurdle rates from now until July 14 (eg. <80% 5-star reviews), will I be granted the superhost status?
  3. What else is Air looking for this “assessment”? I thought the requirement is meeting the hurdle rates…


The 14 days is solely so they can count every review for stays through the end of June. If someone checks out on on the last day of June, they have two weeks to submit a review, hence the July 14 date. So, once your last booking with a departure date in June leaves you a review (or chooses not to), the assessment is complete.

When was your last departure in June? If they haven’t reviewed you yet, adding 14 days to that will give you your answer! :slightly_smiling_face:

If between now and that date you have a July booking who reviews you poorly, it won’t count for that assessment period.