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Newbie question: A guest asked if they could come checkout the property before booking

I also received a request to review my property before booking. The booking was for a family from overseas and the local member of the family wanted to see if the apartment worked for them. Since I was able to accompany her to the apartment I didn’t have an issue and it was a great booking in the end. I doubt I would allow remote access for a review as that has been noted in this forum as pretty high risk.

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Proper Insurance’s prices have recently about doubled. I found a local insurance that was able to cover my short term rental property for about 2/3 the cost. This happens to be in Virginia, but I’d get several prices before going with Proper at this point.

I also dropped Proper for a much better deal crafted by a broker in my U.S. state, after contacting several. It is a homeowners policy with a rider for up to 180 days of rental, fine with me as that is my local government’s limit on STR. Sufficient and cost-effective insurance remains the biggest barrier to STR in my opinion.

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I had this request a couple of years ago and called Air bnb.

The number one reason you do not allow a preview is that you would be giving them your address (and door code) without their ID and credit card being attached to anything. Anyone can make an Airbnb profile and ask questions, they cannot book without verifying information, ID and attaching a credit card. It is a HUGE security risk. They can see your vacancy calendar on the Airbnb website and go in whenever they want and you would have no way to prove they were there or who they are.

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And I have done the tour for weddings and other potential guests and had them direct book and one group now books twice a year. However, I live very close to my properties.

Yep, it’s just like some utter stranger knocking on your door and asking if they can come inside and look around.

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I too would have said no. There’s pictures of the property on the site as well as a description, that should be enough.

Hi FSM, You can search the forum for questions like this…this has been asked a few times before with lots of good advice. Basically, you did the right thing, however, as far as the AirBnb insurance you should also read up on people’s exeriences with that and make sure you have proper insurance of your own. It is not wise to rely on the Airbnb “coverage”.

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