Newbie Host Here -- HELP!

Hi everyone, my hubs and I are brand new to hosting our beach house in Daytona Beach. Two questions… 1. I have gotten a 0% response rate on an inquiry. I did not accept or decline as he asked a question and I answered it and he said he was just checking around. We had someone interested in booking for the month so although we did not block the days, the previous person asked to give him a day to coordinate dates with work. I thought just answering would be suffice for response. 2. My dashboard is saying no reviews although I did have a guest leave a review. Why is it not showing up there?

Sometimes the dashboard doesn’t update right away, and there are known bugs. Try using a different device or just give it a couple days to update.

If you have a review for your listing, but don’t see it on your profile, you may have multiple accounts linked to your listing (e.g. there can be a listing admin, primary host, and co-host). The reviews only go to the profile of the listing admin.


Okay, my husband is “host” and I got listed as cohost… so perhaps that is it. Thank you! I will check on my phone if my ios update ever goes through! LOL!

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This can be frustrating. This is why some hosts seem to hate inquiries and only take instant bookings. I do not feel comfortable with that (from experience) so I put up with the aggravation of “shoppers”. If they do not get back to you, it means they’ve asked the same question of multiple places and settled on a different property. Some will let you know, most won’t. I don’t worry about it as I don’t view other properties as competitors but as community.

but does it affect my rating is what I am worried about or is the 0% him not responding back to me after I apologized and said it would be unavailable.

If only that were possible. Hosts can’t turn off Booking Inquiries or Reservation Requests, so even if a host turns Instant Book on, the host will still get both inquiries and requests, just less of them.

Yes, this is likely, and practically guaranteed if the guest asked for a discount.

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No, it doesn’t affect your rating. You only have to respond to an inquiry within 24 hours. It doesn’t matter what your answer was. Just keep on top of the ones that don’t convert. Air will contact you saying that you need to put heads on beds. Don’t panic. Call CS and explain that the person never responded and they’ll reset the counter on their end.

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So any reply, not necessarily clicking accept or decline is acceptable? Sorry I am new at this!!! :slight_smile:

Just reply to everything as soon as you can. Even if you are just asking them for more information. You don’t need to accept right away until you are comfortable.

Reply to an initial inquiry right away to keep your response rate high. I don’t think it matters after that. Definitely don’t accept or decline just an inquiry. They are not ready to book. I have already posted my objection even to pre-approving, based on my personal experience as a guest. I have been pre-approved when only inquiring and then been inundated with messages from Airbnb harassing me for weeks about booking that property which I had found out was not suitable. Also, recently mistakenly allowed a request to expire while waiting for more information from “16 girls for a fun weekend” (just a wee bit more detail in your blank profile, please). I had looked at “details” and seen “cancelled” and thought they had cancelled. Turns out they had booked, quickly cancelled (which never showed up anywhere) and then booked again! CS says not to worry, letting it expire won’t affect me! They won’t change it! It pays to monitor carefully, which I was doing, and even then it can get messed up.