Newbie: Consumables, how are they handled?

Hello, we are planning to rent out a private 2/2 condo. How are consumables handled? Of couse we’ll have plenty of TP on hand, lol. But… Should we provide things like laundry and dish detergent? If so, how is this handled? Should we limit the amount they can use somehow? What about coffee? paper towels? Or anything else I might be forgetting? Thanks

Each host, hosts differently. Normally starter packs are offered of the basics then guests buy their own. What you include is up to you.


What do you include in your starter pack?

I don’t, I have a shared home.

It will depend on your price point and location. Remote/high end hosts will provide more than those offering basic accommodation.

Why not think about what you would want. Make sure you stay in the place a few nights to get a feel for what’s needed.

A nice touch is to provide something local.

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We host by remote and keep a couple closets locked with our personal effects and extra supplies that our housekeeper doles out as needed. We supply most things that folks would need- TP, paper towels, dish soap, dishwasher tabs, laundry detergent… we stop short of supplying things like coffee. We also lock away our personal sheets and comforters and have multiple sets for guest use.

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I rent a private suite, a mother in law unit, ohana as we call it in Hawaii. I provide TP, a mini dish soap dispenser, hand soaps at each sink and shampoos and body wash. No paper towels, they are wasteful and expensive.


Thank you for the information. Im curious, what’s a mini dish soap dispenser? Thanks

Thanks for the information. We will also be hosting remotely as we live in the US but our rental is in mexico. What about hand soap, shampoo and conditioner? Do you provide these? And, we will also be using a housekeeper/care taker to take care of our guests needs. Have you found this is something that works? We, of course, want our guests to have a good experience.

we provide everything you listed. all paper products, dish and hand soap, dishwasher pods, laundry detergent and fabric softener, household cleansers, coffee, tea, creamer. We keep a back up inventory in a locked closet in the house. Housekeepers keep tabs on the inventory and we go in and restock as necessary. We supply start up quantities of everything for each rental with back ups nearby (like one roll on the dispenser and two on top of the tank).

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We have a Cabana outside the back door, sleeps two. Microwave and mini-fridge but no cooking facility per se.

We provide coffee (café & decaf), ground in a container, and tea (café & decaf) bags
Sugar in packets
Powdered creamer and half&half (in the fridge)
2 bottles of water
Salt & Pepper
For less than a week’s stay, 2 rolls of TP, half roll of paper towels, 1 box of facial tissues. DO NOT leave lots of TP as guests will use it for all sorts of things…

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We do provide hand soap in the pump bottles. We do not provide shampoo, though our next door neighbors do provide the little hotel size bottles. They just order them by the case. Up to you. Like others have mentioned, we leave enough supplies out that should last through their stay but not the whole stash. Coffee packs are something we may consider in the future. Salt, pepper, basic spices are there.
Oh, a little off topic, but get a fire extinguisher and first aid kit and let them know the location in the check in instructions.

Thanks for the information. We totally didn’t think of the fire extinguisher or first aide kit but those are good ideas :grin:

Paper towels are great for a public environment but wasteful in a home one. I have also had a guest throw sheets of cleaning roll down the toilet, so this also might be a risk with paper towels.

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LOL! Probably just my shorthand for a small dispenser I refill with dishsoap.

Are you marketing to US residents as a vacation home? Luxury or budget-priced?

Depends a little on price point. We provide quite a lot, including dishwasher soap. The nice thing is we ask they run the dishwasher prior to leaving. Allows for one less chore. You will find over time you will accumulate items left by other quets, oils, spices, sugar, ect. Most all of these are inexpensive.


Ahh, good point. Our condo is in Mexico where even toilet paper can clog the toilet. Thanks

Yes I have a Saniflo and you can only put regular amounts of normal toilet paper only down it. Anything else is a definite thumbs down plus I would bill the great for the engineer visit! I have a sign. Wet wipes are also a huge problem.