Newbie alert! Extra persons-fee and more general advice

Hello everybody, great to have stumbled upon this forum and I have already picked up a nice range of information from a lot of more experienced hosts than me in here, thanks for that!

We are fairly new hosts (March-16) and live in the outskirts of “not entirely sure if Renaissance ever came this way”, well, Norway it is. So far just nice experiences with guests, and we are constantly working on improvements on the facilities both inside the house and outside. Also the listing on the AirBnB-page needs a brush-up and here are my questions then:

I struggle a bit with fees for extra persons, I have nine beds available, but have said 6 guests since there is only one bathroom. However, there IS plenty of space for more people, both in the bedrooms and the other rooms. So I tried to set an extra-person fee and I hope that it is clear that it means extra beyond 6 guests. Not entirely sure how this works.

The balance between too much info and always leave them hungry is also a bit hard I think! I have written both in my native language and in English, that might be over the top, maybe.

Here is my listing if anybody would take their time to have a look and state their opinion about both this, that and other things. Thanks.


Oh, forgot to add the listing…


Hej Hej Liv!

Welcome to the forum. We host in Barcelona and the US, and we have additional person fees on all our properties. In Barcelona we start the extra person fee after 2 ppl, and its 35E per person per night up to 10 people. We do this to discourage large rambunctious groups, and it is also a way to capture the spectrum of group sizes from 2-10. Our flat can easily host 10 people, but with that many you will get remarks about how there can always be more room, more XYZ.

When you add the extra person fee on ABB it will only apply after a set number of guests, in your case 6

Wow! Your place is fantastic and your photos are all so beautiful! You should do well :slight_smile:

Hi Liv,
Your listing looks great and your place looks beautiful! I say the words “farm by the sea (or ocean)” almost every day because that is what my husband and I are working towards. (Why we started doing Airbnb). So congrats on having a real version of my fantasy!
FYI: when I clicked on “Additional Prices” it said $12/night after 1 guest. So you just need to change this to say after 6 guests, right? I don’t allow extra guests so I’ve never dealt with that…

One critique: I think having 2 languages is great, but it starts to become a little chaotic looking and hard to read. Perhaps a bit more spacing between the 2 would solve that.

Hi there, Annika, Azreala and Sandy2! Thanks for your replies.

That’s excactly what I meant, I could not figure out how to set an additional price after six guests, not the first guest. What I mean is: Take on a number of guests, and then add a price for the rest of the best, I have not figured it out. Old, silly me and computer “games” or how to do that so everybody understands the price asked for? How do I do it then, so nobody think they have to pay a full flat price for one or two exrta persons?

Yup, about language, how do the rest of you do it? Write in English or your native tongue?

Thanks! We like it by the sea!


Wow!! What a gorgeous place, on my bucket list!

I think most people write in English. But it might be possible to localize it for different countries. Check with Airbnb. I haven’t seen any discussion of this here, but I’ve definitely seen listings with different text for different countries.

Hi @Liv,

Wow, that looks amazing. I want to move there. Suggestion: add some captions. Currently you don’t have any.

Can you put a link in your description? I’ve never tried. If you can, I would create a PDF that had all your information in Norwegian. English seems to be, for what it’s worth, the language of AirBnb and travel in general.

Are you kidding me?! Wow, what an amazing place!!! So nice. Can’t wait. You will meet us some day!

I think you are asking how to make the pricing work on the website.

Go to pricing settings, then down to ‘other pricing options’ and you can add a price per person after a set number of people.

Does that help? Edited to add - I went back to ‘wish list’ your listing and see that you do have that pricing worked out - sorry!

I charge $15 more per person because the people are in my home and it creates more of a disturbance, usage of resources, obviously, but also because listings that can accommodate more people are in shorter supply, so the price should be higher. For instance, once I search in my area for ‘5 guests’ the competition drops off to nothing in my price range. So I want my price to be attractive to smaller groups (less money for me but less drain on me) but then earn better money when I accommodate more. Plus there is just more wear and tear on the place with more people.

Good luck, and welcome!

Thank you, I wouldn’t mind! Must admit I have guite a few places on my own bucket list too! So little time, so many places left to see!

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Hi, KenH! I think I’m just going to leave out the descriptions in Norwegian, since we have almost only international guests so far, and anyway Norwegians read English.

Hi faheem! Captions, good idea! Will do.

You are welcome to visit! And your listing looks fantastic!

Hi! I finally managed to edit the thingie to my satifaction, so far. Forever editing…

Thank you! You are most welcome to drop by!

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Not sure if anyone else has said this, but I would list it in English. I know much of it is, but I couldn’t quite figure out how many rooms and bathrooms are available, and I know where to look! A new user/guest might have difficulty navigating your listing. I have had this issue when I have looked for places to stay and the host has used the native language Air site, I can never figure out what I need to know!

Hi there, Kerensa_Baker. I have now removed the Norwegian part of the listing, Not necessary I believe. But, is it my listing you refer to, difficulties finding out about number of rooms and bathrooms? Should be quite clear?

Editing again… too many photos? Am not quite satisfied with the ones from the bathroom. Should be better light and clearer. Not quite sure of my description of the rurale conditions either, sounds as if the whole neighbourhood is stinking with animal droppings :ram:!