New way of displaying reviews

First of all please don’t shoot me down in flames if this has already been discussed. I’ve been too busy recently to spend much time here.

As I was checking out my public reviews at the end of the listings I came across this:

I am always careful when I am booking BCD as a guest as I know they show the best reviews first so I always choose the “show all reviews” option rather than the default “best reviews”.

Is this the same?

Thanks for pointing out this new feature. I hadn’t noticed it yet. I have seen a few review sorting features come and go since I started hosting in late 2015: a search box, keywords, and listing the star rating left by each guest (I loved this one, as a host, to see who was going to be nitpicky).

You probably know already that “most relevant” is based on your country. You’ll see your own country(wo)men’s reviews first if you search when logged in.

I got a nitpicky review recently from some international travelers, and was thankful it was buried deep in my reviews. Now, unfortunately, it is easy for guests to find if they sort by “most recent.” On the bright side: at least guests who don’t read my listing description can be that warned, yes, this is a basement apartment. Yes, you’ll hear footsteps overhead. Yes, there is a furnace and you’ll hear it running!

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