New tool to take care of AirBnb guests

Dear AirBnb hosts,
My name is Robert, I’m AirBnb host from Warsaw, Poland, and software developer at the same time :slight_smile: Recently I created this mobile application which helps hosts to better take care of their guests.
I’m curious of your opinion, let me know what you think about it - feel free to post any comments! (facebook profile and email address can be found on the website)

Best Regards,

This looks like YourWelcome which is a service here in the U.K. @YourWelcomeTeam @yourwelcome @johnbower

It’s a good idea.

I saw YourWelcome, high level idea is indeed very similar - to replace traditional welcome brochures by interactive screen.
There are however few key differences both in functionality and business model - mostly that Host Assist is a mobile app for which the host pays only once and install on her/his own device. Taking into account that there are plenty of cheap or used Android devices on the market, I think it may be considered as a cheaper alternative.

What’s the subscription fee you’re hoping to implement ? I agree most people have a cheap android tablet hanging around …

The price is 9,49 USD, it is automatically translated to local currencies in respective countries. It is one-off payment, no monthly or yearly subscription, no in-app purchases, no ads.

Sounds like excellent value to be honest. It’s on android and I’m an iOS user so I won’t be able to test it but best of luck it looks great !

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Czesc Robert! This looks interesting and good value … but I am old and ignorant, so excuse me if I clarify. Does this mean I would lend my guest an Android tablet with the app and they would solely use it for this? I’ve been meaning to try Yourwelcome for some time but your idea looks better value. And I could get my grandkids to give me their old tablets!

I’ll download it and see how I get on …

Dovidzenia! (I lived in Warsaw a long time ago …)


Do you hope to offer an iOS version soon? I’d love to try it, but I am Android illiterate.

I did not intend to offer an iOS version, Apple devices are rather expensive so I assumed that hosts would not be willing to leave one for their guests, when they can get new Android device for less than 100$, and used one even cheaper.
However I’ll see if I can easily translate or somehow run this app on iOS, perhaps it would make sense.

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Hi Ged,
Your Polish is really good! If you ever want to see Warsaw again, I’d be happy to be your host :slight_smile: if you haven’t been there for a while, you would be surprised how it has changed

You understood correctly, you need a tablet - buy some cheap or used device, or get it from your grandkids :slight_smile: - then setup new Google account (not to use your private account) and purchase the app. Then you configure all the useful information in the application and leave the device in your apartment, for your guests to use it. If I have some time I’ll make a short video with step by step guide.

Anyway, I decided to also release free version of the app, it will be exactly the same, but with some minor limitation - for example it will allow max 2 video guides. This way you can try it for free, or even use it forever if the 2 videos limit is not a problem for you, but the main goal of this would be to see it working, try different settings, see all the features, etc. before making purchase decision.

So, if you can wait few days, you will be able to get it for free! :slight_smile:



I used to leave an apple device for my guests > . <

iOS users tend to have older versions of their tablets too :slight_smile:


As promised in previous post, I have also created a free application version, which is now available in the Google Play store. I have also added a button to the website (see url in the first post) to download the free version .

Now you can try and use it for free, and only purchase the full version when you need to create more than 2 video guides - this is the only limitation of the free version.

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Hi there,
Anyone wants to install the free version and give some feedback? Would appreciate very much :slight_smile:


I am installing this now.

Looks like a great idea to me.


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Hi Paul,
Great to hear. Let me know if you have any troubles installing or setting up the app. I’d also appreciate any feedback!


Hi All,
I have created a simple demo video and shared on YT: