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New to hosting: how to decorate


This is soooo true for us too! Our rental house is quite a bit nicer than our lived-in house with kid, husband and dog. Sometimes I get really discouraged when I come home and see evidence of “us” when the other house is always so clean and clutter free!


Love this! Do you have a website? Such a pretty painting!


Some of my guests have appreciated our uncluttered, minimalist style. I appreciate uncluttered, too, when I travel.


I binge-watched the whole season in one sitting…I was down with bronchitis so I could. Found some useful ideas I’m using.


Thanks for your kind words. I’ve only been painting for about 2 years and surprising most of my work has already been sold. I do have website but nothing to post yet. I have been over pricing this painting because I sort of want to keep it.

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