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New to hosting: how to decorate


This is soooo true for us too! Our rental house is quite a bit nicer than our lived-in house with kid, husband and dog. Sometimes I get really discouraged when I come home and see evidence of “us” when the other house is always so clean and clutter free!


Love this! Do you have a website? Such a pretty painting!


Some of my guests have appreciated our uncluttered, minimalist style. I appreciate uncluttered, too, when I travel.


I binge-watched the whole season in one sitting…I was down with bronchitis so I could. Found some useful ideas I’m using.


Thanks for your kind words. I’ve only been painting for about 2 years and surprising most of my work has already been sold. I do have website but nothing to post yet. I have been over pricing this painting because I sort of want to keep it.


Hi Hank,

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Per Square Foot


Hi, Hank, I know I am late to the party here, but I think contacting an interior decorator to do a mood board, shopping list, color palette might serve you well. You should absolutely splurge on artwork, but there are some parts of the decor you can spend very wisely. (Eg., sofa and loveseat, durable yet simple bedding, etc.)

Feel free to contact me. I am niching my business away from home staging to the AirBnB/VRBO/Vacation Rental demand (as in Allison’s post about the Stay Here show).

It’s a lot less expensive than you think!

I’ve stayed in many rentals and B and Bs, and have developed a must-have list for hosting.
I’d love to chat!
Kathie Emhof


Is it just me or would anyone else worry about theft? Especially since it would be someone else’s work.


it’s just you :slight_smile:

(but yes, anything and everything can be stolen or broken, that’s just part of the joys!)


@Barns Yes, well that’s why I would never do it in my unit. It’s one thing if something I purchased goes walking, but if someone’s original piece of art disappeared…I just wouldn’t want that responsibility.


well there’s original works, and there’s valuable original works. The bits on my walls cost £15, I’d never put a picture up that costs more than the tv


Right, but I was thinking the OP was talking about a consignment deal. I guess that’s what I was saying I probably wouldn’t do.



My units are furnished attractively but inexpensively with clearance & 2nd hand items because I barely could afford to purchase the condo. As time goes by, I’m replacing with nicer items. However nothing terribly expensive so if it damaged or stolen, I won’t go into some kind of meltdown. (The idea of a 4 year old with red Kool-Aid is scary to me!)

I love my neighbor’s Airbnb listed unit. It is beautiful with original art, white furniture, white area rug, and pricy (to me) decorative bed pillows & beautiful comforter. I’m holding my breath and hoping all children & adults use cups with lids.

I respect that her ability to handle the risk is higher than mine.

When you have excellent guests who care for your home, it is part of the joy.


For the record, not all of us think “all white” is beautiful. I love functional, useful, and the patina of a carefully chosen old piece. I stayed in an airbnb this year that had all kinds of quirky stuff in it including a hand painted bedside table with a political theme. Give me that over Henredon any day.



Interesting. I like quirky too. In my personal home, very little “matches”. The common thread is each piece is something I like. And it alll somehow works together. Each of my rooms has one small tacky/quirky piece. For me it keeps things from being too serious.


I would not place authentic art work from local artists because I think they would be stolen. If you live in USA go to Home Goods or Marshall’s for inexpensive wall art.


What I have done, in our home which became a “Poquito Hacienda” from nada, and in the Trailer, is pick some nice textiles or a certain type of woodwork or wood furnishing (=Warmth) and run with the vibe they have. My whole trailer became Asia Tiki Style because of the observation lounge curtain material, a favorite, that I had to use!!

You can’t really see the detail, but it is an asiatic print. Express yourself.


It’s intresting how different we all are … I’m afraid that the only thing that puts me off any Airbnb listing is the word “quirky”! “Vintage” probably comes next … I began adventures in home decor when we were advised to “chuck out the chintz” and have remained Neutral Girl ever since. And Mid-century Modern was the furniture my generation inherited from our parents and threw out in favour of clean-lined Habitat sofas and pine farmhouse tables …

I do like colour though, as I have proved by the amazing red sofa we have bought for our new Cape Town Airbnb, but I have surrounded it with my favourite blacks, whiet and greys.


Oh that makes me sad. Our building was built in 1959, looks mid-century modern and we’ve decorated that way, bought almost all authentic pieces and always on the lookout for more. I do realize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I actually don’t mention it that much in our listing, although the photos speak for themselves I suppose. Luckily we have an amazing view so hopefully if someone books that doesn’t like the decor, the view makes up for it?

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