New to here, could your please review my listing?

Hello there,
Thankyou for taking the time to help. We have bought a house in Tasmania, Australia, after falling in love with the area.
Some of the photos I will need to redo with a wide angle lens. Anything else?
cheers, Cobbity

Beautiful house! The only thing l noticed was that your photos are all taken vertically and so they look poor quality if you are skimming through them. Try retaking your photos horizontally (wide and short) and you will be able to get better results. You could also add some colorful throw pillows on the beds to make those photos a little more visually interesting. Whatever that grey walled room is, put it earlier in your photo list, it is lovely! The kids rooms are very cute too. I felt the master bedrooms were a little dark so you could brighten them up and add some pillows to overcome that.

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Hi Cobbity - gorgeous house you lucky thing. I think it all looks great - just a couple of things:

  1. It should read ‘functioning open fireplace’ along with ‘induction cooker’
  2. You probably have similar legislation to us in New Zealand around pools/water so I would recommend you remove ‘safe for little ones’ from the point about the water hole. Then put a serious note in your house about how children must never be left unattended at the water hole…
    Good luck, I would stay there in a heartbeat!
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I’d check off that you have a laptop friendly workspace, because the dining table looks fine for that - unless there is a reason it isn’t.

I’d also figure out how to offer internet and hangers.

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As mentioned many of the photos need re-doing. The wording is nicely done, not over-done. I know Taz is more trusting than many places in the world, but I wouldn’t write that you “trust” people not to use it as a party house – it gives them ideas.

On the other hand, ancestors of mine (last name Hulme) were transported to Launceton for their activities in the Chartist Rebellion.

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