New to Airbnb taking suggestion

Hello, I am a new (well future) host. I just purchased a home and I am thinking of Airbnb one of the rooms until. However it being a new home I don’t have any landscaping in my backyard. Does that make a difference since I am just renting out one room? And also I am a traveling consultant so I am never home. Is it safe to airbnb it our while I am not home? I eventually plan out hosting the entire house once I get it completely furnished. Any advice or suggestion are greatly appreciated by this newbie.

thank you

Safe? Yes, because you will use electronic locks not key locks, and you will have exterior CCTV cameras recording to storage. You will also have a local person who manages the place for you, cleans the place between guests, and generally acts as your Manager. You really need to pay that person unless s/he is your partner, and then you still need to compensate him/er.


Hello. I’m new to the real estate investment scene. I’ve been studying all the creative ways to make money on a property if I can’t sell it. I listened to a webinar about this Airbnb. I think its a great idea but from the article i found, it’s a con scheme. From all the posts I’ve read, a lot of people are doing realy well with it. I’ve been trying to figure out what area would be good to start. E.G. rural, town, city. Thanks to all.

It’s not a con scheme. My husband and I make lots of our retirement income from Airbnb. There are successful Airbnbs in cities, towns, and rural locations. It just depends on what guests are looking for in that area, what’s nearby for them, etc. Or, if rural, maybe a vacation spot.

Airbnb is very real for many, many hosts. We take it seriously as our business and make real money from it.

Hi @FishOn16, and welcome! I’m reasonably experienced in real estate investing and long- and short-term rental management. I’m happy to consult with you on investment strategies at $90/hr. Or, you could just learn to use the search feature here, read the relevant posts, and ask further questions (for free).

Also, I don’t know where you came across the webinar and article you referred to, but I would count my blessings that I ended up here, if I were in your shoes.


Thank you for the valuable advice. As I’m reading these posts, I’ve become more clear about what Airbnb is. This is a valuable forum. A lot more than a few I found in the past.


What on earth do you mean??

It’s a pity your original question got hi-jacked by the idiot below, but I’m just supporting what @KenH has written. Your hardest task will be finding that trustworthy and efficient local manager that you really will need. If there is a lot of Airbnb activity where your home is you might find someone advertising this service - if you do, make sure you have references from other places they manage.

The unlandscaped garden might deter some guests - I think that would need to be reflected in your price.

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