New to AirBnB Hosting Question re hits on my listing

Quite excited to have finally got our little ‘apartment’ ready and listed!! I have a question … is it possible to see how many ‘hits’ , views my listing has had on Air BnB site?
thanks for any advise

go to the dash broad and click on stats scroll down you will see views and requests.


Thanks Carmen … have found it … and had my first inquiry!!

@AnnieR as @Carmen said that is a great place to see the stats but be warned they are not entirely accurate. We have Google Ad Words on some of our listings, and the info we get from Ads about clicks differs vastly from what Air says. Still a great tool, but you are probably getting more hits than Air is reporting to you

Hi @azreala,

I hope you don’t mind me asking, but Google Ad Words sounds rather expensive. Do you find it worth it? Also, do you think Google’s reporting is more accurate than Airbnb?

I cannot find my views anywhere…just published 24 hours ago…found ‘progress’ but under views 30 days it says 0. I know several friends have viewed the listing…am I in the wrong place?

Views are about 3 days behind

Oh thank you! That’s good to know

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They updated but now they’ve stayed the same for two days…is that normal or do they update every 3 days? Thanks again for your help

It can be a rolling 3 days except when they “do” something on the site, then it has been up to 10 days. Then they don’t tell you what they have changed, you need to go looking.
Like when they added hot water as an amenity!


Can you tell me what a standard price might be for extra petiole if they want to bring an air mattress? Based on my $200/night for 4 people is $50/per person night acceptable? Or lower?

There isn’t a standard price due to the huge variety in listings and prices. I think $50 a person if they bring their own air mattress and linens is a little high. I think in terms of how much more is it costing you to host a 5/6th person. How much more mess will 6 people make instead of 4? Noise, etc. $50 a person over 4 isn’t high if you have a bed that accommodates them.

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Do a search in your area for 5 people. If at that time of year and that amount of people is within another $50, then that is reasonable. I would imagine tho that a place that holds 5 rather than 4 would be significantly more than $50 per person per night.