New to Airbnb hosting- concerns about last minute 'extra guest'

Hi - I’m a new Airbnb host in south Florida. I just listed my space in Feb. and have had 4 stays so far, all wonderful people. The space is a separate area in my house with 3 bedrooms. There is a hallway to the area with a locked door between the rooms and the main house. There’s a separate entrance, through the bathroom with a keypad lock. The ‘space’ consists of a bedroom with a queen bed, another bedroom that serves as a living space, with a love seat, chair, TV, along with a microwave and small fridge. The 3rd bedroom is locked and used as storage for us.

I’ve read some real horror stories, and I’m feeling like my next guest is raising a red flag. So, I’m looking to some of you that have been doing this a long time for some advice, or to just tell me I’m over-reacting. I have a guest coming in tomorrow, along with her brother, she’s new to Airbnb, and let me know that. She is ‘verified’ for phone, email, and govt. id. Her and her brother are visiting another brother in my area (2 night stay). I sent her some information, along with the code to the door via Airbnb messaging. She responded immediately to let me know her and her brother were driving down from Ohio, and that she didn’t have the app. I gave her my direct cell number. She texted me a few minutes later to let me know the brother she is visiting wanted them to all stay together, but, she couldn’t find a way to include him in the booking. She asked if it was ok for him to stay with them. I told her when she booked, the listing stated it was for 2 people, and that adding someone else was not an option. Her other brother is welcome to visit during the day, or pick them up and go somewhere, but, not stay the night. She said it was not a problem, he wouldn’t stay. So, here is my concern, since it’s a separate entrance and closed door to the rest of the house, I really can’t tell how many people are in there. I’m not comfortable with 2 men in my home. How can I handle the situation if I find that the brother they are visiting is staying here? or am I over-reacting, it’s only 2 nights and I should just not worry?
Sorry for all the detail, and appreciate any advice.

Why are two men worse than one? What if you had two men who were a couple? But if you have a limit of two, it’s a limit of two. Are the sister and brother going to sleep in the same queen bed? Maybe you should be sure to meet them…like maybe the door code won’t work and you’ll have to go let them in?

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It may be that using Airbnb , as a platform , may not be a great fit for you .
If you wish to limit the type of guest that stays with you Airbnb has policies that are meant to protect guests from discrimination . It is your Home so you are entitled to have anyone you want , but with many platforms , and especially when you have a private unit or semi private unit there are also laws about whom you can refuse to rent to . If a guest tells you they don’t have the App , you can ask them to download it as its free, or they can also still access it from the internet on the cell phone , its just a bit more awkward to use . Its not the best idea to communicate off the messaging app of Airbnb , since the app will always have a record of what is being discussed .
Have you though of installing a Security Camera on the private door entrance ? If you do use one , its required to disclose in your listing that you have this device . It also helps to discourage dishonest guests from sneaking in extra guests .
You might be just over reacting about this guest , but keep an eye on things . It also helps that when you get an inquiry or reservation request , you reconfirm all the details back to the guest , such as the number of guests staying , the dates of the stay , check in times and check out times . This saves a lot of headaches for Hosts .

I think this is the bigger issue…Can you explain this statement?

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If she asked about extra guests in the first place (which is courteous) then she’s unlikely to defy the rules.

AirBnB is about trust, though. It’s even better than other sites about vetting people, which is great. A guest recently asked if it was okay to bring colleagues over for work, and I had to pray that didn’t mean “friends and party.” Its a vacation rental and I’m not around. I said yes and sure enough, he was a great guest.

It also helps to think that the worst case scenario isn’t the end of the world. So this person has two guys staying–yeah it’s breaking your rules and that part sucks, but the place will still be okay in a few days’ time.

And as others are alluding, if two men in your house isn’t okay because of sexual preferences then that’s your prerogative but AirBnB may not be the best thing for you.

Your BIG mistake was giving the guest your personal text number. You should have told her to download the FREE (emphasize ‘free’ app) to use if she can’t stop at a MacDonalds and use their free WiFi and her laptop to contact enroute.

Second you should have stood firm – “NO extra guests means no extra guests” and if you violate the house rules you are liable for penalties."

Like the other hosts I’m intrigued why you feel having two men in your rental space (with or without a woman/sister) is a problem. The guests are paying for the privilege of using your space. As long as they aren’t breaking any laws or causing any damage or excessive noise, what difference does it make if there are two men, two women, or a menage a trois?

I’m just thinking you may have sent mixed messages by telling them it was okay to hang out during the day but not stay the night. No extra guests should be no extra guests. I think it’s less confusing for the guest to hear a blanket NO, then to hear a quasi yes. (Ok during the day but not okay at night)

You have a right to say no extra guests if you don’t want them. So in the future just make sure it is really really clear.

I don’t think the guest is giving you red flags but I could be wrong.

My reading comprehension skills are weak this morning: I thought it was a girl, her brother, and the brother’s friend instead of all three being siblings!

Albeit a little bizarre, I’m glad the host seems to be uncomfortable with two men regardless if they are straight, siblings, or gay.

Oh those were the days Ken! It sucks getting old and getting up uptight about all the fun stuff

I suppose, it’s more the total that concerns me, 3 adults, and then me. That’s a good idea about the code I can see the entrance door, so they’ll look for someone when they can’t get in. thank you.

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Thank you. While I do send a note back with details, like the code for the door, I will reconfirm # of guests, that’s great advice. .

I want to be very clear, I am not anti anything! I am anti having 3 adults including two men, one of which was not a confirmed guest, along with another female in the house. That statement was not intended to have any underlying tone.

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My personal text number, which is also the one I use for my businesses, is on my Airbnb account and every guest gets it. Text doesn’t use data and some of us don’t have unlimited data plans. I prefer to use my data when I have to, not for messaging someone I could text. Ironically it’s usually the older guests who prefer phone, even calls over text. [quote=“heidibarrett, post:13, topic:12598”]
That statement was not intended to have any underlying tone.

I was the first to ask what was the problem with 2 men/what if they were a couple but I took your statement as being more about them being men, not what if they were gay. Boy people sure ran with that. I’m glad to see most of our hosts are steadfast in opposing discrimination. LOL. I do think it’s atypical for three adult siblings of mixed gender to want to a share a room intended for two, but none of my business really. I think it will be fine. Let us know how it goes.

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The extra guest thing has come up often for me in the years I’ve been hosting. I keep a very nice inflatable air mattress handy and some sheets to be able to provide a comfortable sleeping area at a moment’s notice. Here’s the air mattress I use.

I also charge a fee for extra guests beyond 2. When extra guests arrive (or if they contact in advance), I am very straight forward. I offer the very comfortable air mattress and also say that I have a charge of $XX/night for extra guests. If they say ok, then I submit an alteration request to change the price. Make sure they accept before you let them stay!

This system has worked out well for me and that air mattress has paid for itself many times over. :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, I am not anti anything! I am anti having a bad experience with more guests than what was agreed to or planned on. With that said I can relate to your experience, and you’re right this won’t be the end of the world if someone sneaks in.

This is great advice. I didn’t know you could alter the reservation to include an additional guest, and add the fee. I’m new and learning, but, so far enjoying meeting the people I have so far.

Quote of the day! I’m not, I am, I’m not, I am :laughing: